Bauble Swap Reveal

I've been a little crazy  nurotic lately about Blog Swaps. Who doesn't love the idea of purchasing something for someone else and getting something fun in return. I saw a fun swap on Shana's site a couple weeks back.

 I was paired up with Celeste. She designs some fun jewelry and clay figures. Go check her out!

  She sent me this super cute layering necklace. I love a great layering necklaces.

A sweet note. I love Paul Frank, who doesn't?

Celeste- Thank you so much for sending me this great necklace. I can't wait to wear it. Now I just have to figure out how to untangle. it Thanks again girl!

Are you as obsessed with blog swaps as I am?


  1. Missed another one! Cute necklace!

  2. blog swaps are soooo fun! Plus, you get to meet awesome bloggers AND get presents - win-win!

  3. Oh no! I hate when necklaces are hopelessly tangled. So frustrating!


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