Dexter's Birthday & Puppy Party link-up

Almost a month ago the apple of my eye, Mr. Dexter  Morgan turned the big 3. Here are some of the photos from his big day. I found a puppy birthday cake recipe and the pups loved it. ( I would have shared the great cake recipe, but I seemed to have already packed it for the big move)

Linking up today for the puppy and kitty photo party.

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Jewelry Swap reveal-link up

Another day, another swap. This time Melissa hosted a jewelry swap. We had to send one item that we already had to another blogger.

My goodies:

Thank you Brook. Sadly, 
 the necklace was broke when I went to take it out of the box. boo-hoo! The bracelet is uber cute


Dear Friday,

Linking up today for Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Glad you're finally here. I wish we met more often.

Dear Herbie, thank you for a great drive to Minnesota last night. Even though we were driving till 8am today. You're getting better gas mileage with your new air filter. Yay!

Dear Ry-guy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA! I love you so much I can't even put it into words. I'm so excited to spend another birthday with you. The best part is we will be back in Minnesota for it.

Dear Minnesota, I love you, like a lot. You are so wonderful in every way.

Dear Instagram, I've become obsessed with you.  Please share your instagram name so I can stalk you, and feed my addiction.  dextermorgansmama is me. find me.

Dear Allergies, you suck bad! I should've known they would get worse in Minnesota.

TGIF loves!


Unwrapping Christmas in July-Blog Swap

Oops I did it again. Another swap. Jeesh! A while back I signed up for "Christmas in July".

 I was super excited to see what I might receive. My girl Kelly did not disappoint. 

All of my goodies...

Top- L-R.  This aaaaahhhhmayzing Peach Sparkle lotion from Bath & Body-works. Ryan told me to "slather that shit all over me every day." I'd say he likes it!  Nail polish-love!  Chelsea Handler book. I used to watch her show before bed, but now Mama can't stay up that late on a school night. She hand wrote notes to each item. It was so sweet.  Girl knows I love to scrapbook. She included some fun Summer time stickers. 
Bottom, L-R.  Two facial masks. I love these things. I've done the chocolate one before, and it smells like chocolate. YUM!  Some doggy treats for Mr. Dexter Morgan. He loved them. 

She also sent some lip-gloss that I seemed to have misplaced. 

 He even his friend Riley over for the past month and they shared a lot of treats. 

Miss Riley

sleepy lovers

Thank you sooooo very much Kelly! 


Bauble Swap Reveal

I've been a little crazy  nurotic lately about Blog Swaps. Who doesn't love the idea of purchasing something for someone else and getting something fun in return. I saw a fun swap on Shana's site a couple weeks back.

 I was paired up with Celeste. She designs some fun jewelry and clay figures. Go check her out!

  She sent me this super cute layering necklace. I love a great layering necklaces.

A sweet note. I love Paul Frank, who doesn't?

Celeste- Thank you so much for sending me this great necklace. I can't wait to wear it. Now I just have to figure out how to untangle. it Thanks again girl!

Are you as obsessed with blog swaps as I am?


Book Swap Reveal

I really, really, really, love books. If you've been following this blog for a while now you know this. If you are a new reader, please know I LOVE BOOKS.  I had signed up for a previous book swap and loved it. I met the lovely Chris. Go stalk her, she's a hoot!


This time around I was paired with Jacqui. We swapped Amazon wish lists and our Goodreads account. This is what she sent me

I was super excited to have another book in the "Shopaholic" series. Sadly, I started packing for the big move and haven't had a chance to read it yet. Thanks to Katie and Andrea for setting up the swap. I can't wait for the next book swap!

I hope to be better at blogging this week. I have a ton of fun things to blog about. 


and we meet again

Hello again friends. A week since my last post. Gawd I need to get with it. Once again the week was filled with ups, downs, and everything in between.  That being said, the biggest news of the week is we're are moving back home. Yup, going home to Minnesota! After living in Missoura for a year it was time to head home. We've had some stuff going on with family and we just wanted to be home. Seriously, life is nothing without family.

 I remember being young and thinking I wanted to move far, far away from family when I turned 18.  Well that never happened the farthest I moved away was 45 minutes. Now its over 10 hrs and 600 miles and we can't take that anymore.

I was so reluctant to come down here and try to enjoy my time. After speaking with a good friend, (who had moved to Arizona) she told me to "make sure to enjoy your time there.  You don't want to look back on your time there and regret it."  That stuck with me. I had been so set on not having fun, not wanting to be here and not wanting to (attempt) to make friends.  If any of you ever move away from "home" do you best to enjoy the time you had. When I finally started to let myself enjoy things, so many wonderful doors opened to me. 

I am so grateful to the wonderful people I've encountered on this journey. My co-workers who welcomed me with open arms. Showed me how things are done in Missoura. The amazing people at the Library in town. I loved volunterring there to help with the kids arts & crafts.  Becoming a "Big Sister". The ladies in Junior League who were so wonderful. I'm so sad to leave. The Junior League does so many wonderful things down here. I can't wait to join the Minneapolis League.

I never thought I would be sad to leave Missoura. I was at the dentist yesterday and it was so hard to say goodbye. Only 21 days till we're back home.

See you soon Minnesota, see you soon!


if you really knew me

I've seen this a couple times in blog-land and thought I would give it a try.

you'd know I have bad anxiety. I take medicine for it. every.day.of.my.life.

you'd know I'm not a hugger  I do not hug.

you'd know I hate to vacuum.

 you'd know I have a love for puppy kisses. people think its gross. I don't.

you'd know that Dexter has a voice. He talks often. We each have a Dexter voice.

you'd know Ry-guy tucks me in at night. yup. puts the covers up on me. They all need to be straight. OCD much?

you'd know I can't stand hotel beds. I bring my own bedding. pillow and two blankets. one acts as a sheet.

you'd know I freak out in messy cars. I vacuum and wash my Herbie out every Saturday.

you'd know I am a really picky eater. I don't eat swine (pork), fish, mushrooms, tuna, cherry's, frozen dinners, popcorn, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelon, almonds, original flavored potato chips, yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen pizza, thin mints (girl scout cookies),  and wayyy to many things to mention.

you'd know that I must have lip gloss all the time. 

( I found all in my purse just now)

you'd know to call me for directions to anywhere in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

you'd know I've never broken a bone.

you'd know I have terrible immune system and lungs. I can get sick at the drop of a hat. 

you'd know I'm a huge germ-a-phob. Maybe that's why I get sick all the time. 

you'd know I put a zero before  any month that is a single number.

you'd know that I've been every size from 00-18.

you'd know I would rather save all the animals from abuse, than have world peace.

you'd know I judge people. even though I don't mean to. I do. I admit it. most people don't.

you'd know I love talking about books, authors, and writing styles.

you'd know I have an extensive knowledge of baseball, football, hockey, basketball, figure skating, women's softball and gymnastics.

you'd know growing up I wanted to be a Princess, Miss America, or an ESPN Sportscaster. 

(me at 3 years old)

you'd know that every year from the time I was 11-20 we traveled out west to camp and explore National Parks. I have lots of photos, tips, place to go and places not to go out west, in numerous states. 

you'd know that I would clone Dexter if he died. 

you'd know that I believe "there's no place like home".

you'd know I didn't discover my love affair with reading until I met Ryan.

you'd know I dropped out of high school, only to go and get my GED.

you'd know have a huge "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" obsession. I can tell you what episode is from what season, just by the title. 

you'd know people who haven't learned don't use their turn signal make me so angry. well they make me more than angry, but you get the point.

you'd know that I love my blog friends and thank you for reading all my deep dark secrets.

TGIF lovers. What are you doing this weekend?


I'm bacckkkkkk

Hello again friends. its been a while. I've missed you all mucho. I've been in a blogging rut lately, had some family health issues going on, Junior League meetings,  and many discussions about moving back home to Minnesota. I've had so many thoughts in my head, that I couldn't stop to blog. The weather has been so hot here in Missoura that I can't even function. I'm sure a lot of you have been feeling the heat. It feels as if its never ending. Last week, (after a few weeks at over 100) the forecast was high 80's for this week. Per the usual, it was wrong. Hot again folks! ish.

 Now I know it doesn't seem so bad, 90s, but it never ends. My body can't take anymore burns from my leather seats in Herbie.  I miss having Mr. Morgan running errands with me. But we still take time for ice cream stops.

Can't do that anymore. Errands already suck balls enough, now I'm all alone with my new boy-friend

Eric Church. If you don't know him, get to know him. mmmhmmm..

You see my ex boy-friend messed up bad the other day. Well you see he cheated. 


and two more completely random things. I got this A-h-may-ZING new phone. Let me introduce you to my new friend "W" well I call her that for now. I haven't had a chance to name her. But she talks to me. 

We had a nice convo before bed the other night. I'm pretty sure Ry-guy things I've lost my mind. well he knew I lost it a longggg time before. 

follow me on 

a while back, I told you that Dexter had done some modeling. Well I just received this link from the photographer. If you click under "gallery"- wildflower-bright, he's the 5th little guy. Here's hoping he gets some camera time.

What have you guys been up to? 


I'm Farming and I Grow it


                                                                    TGIF loves!


things that make you go hmmmm....

This past weekend Ry guy and I were shopping at Petsmart for Dexter Morgan's 3rd birthday gift. We didn't seem to find anything we felt was appropriate for him, that he didn't already have.  As we were leaving we stumbled upon this-

I did not take a photo in the store of this item. I felt like people would have thought of me as a perve or creeper. This is a Bret Michaels designed dog outfit. I'm not sure why anyone would feel the need to buy their pooch a lacy corset. anddd who is the genius dumbass who thought that Bret Michaels would be a great dog clothing designer? 

on another note. enjoy!


my independence day

I will be independent.  Ry guy has to work.  I don't. 

This is what my 4th of July will look like:

I'm (attempting) to jump on the bandwagon


I will have the house to myself. yes you read that right. Nobody.but. this.girl.in.the.hizzouse.

This past weekend our town (of 3,100) had an amazing fireworks display. I was expecting something horrid being in a small town.

 Here are a couple of the 139 photos I took. 

we had just eaten the most amazing funnel cake. it was to die for. that's why we're so happy! Oh and yeah we love each other.

Happy Birthday America!


movie review Monday #2

A couple weeks back Ry guy and I did our first Movie Review Monday. I loved it and I hope you guys did to. We're back at it again today. My reviews are first. Ry's reviews are in bold.


I was really excited to see this movie. Hello Channing Tatum. nuff said. This movie was so hilarious. I can't tell you the last time I laughed out loud so much. I thought it was weird and creepy with him  being into this High School chick. In the movie I think he was in his early 20's, so I guess it worked. 

Grade B

"21 Jump Street" was pretty hilarious.  I don't purchase many DVD's but I think I would be willing to purchase this film.  Channing Tatum is great in the movie.  He is really growing on me as an actor.  Still never gonna see "Magic Mike," but I generally like his work.  Jonah Hill is his regular self.  He is quite good at playing this type of role.  It was quite funny and I enjoyed it a lot.  The only issue I really have with the film was the whole love story between Jonah Hill and a girl he meets when he returns to High School.  I'm sure she was probably 18 and everything, but it was still weird.  

Overall Grade: A-

I was so excited that they came out with a sequel to "Sherlock Holmes".  As I watched this movie I was more and more disappointed.  I really loved the costumes and cinematography  in this film, but that's about it. I found this movie a bit hard to follow, and wayyyy to long. Robert Downey Jr. should stick to playing "Iron Man".  I hope they don't make a third "Sherlock Holmes".  Once was enough for the Sherlock franchise. 

Grade C

I really liked the first "Sherlock Holmes" film.  This one was very entertaining.  It was a little difficult to follow in parts, but like the first one it did a good job of summing things up in the end.  It's never going to  win an Oscar, but it is an enjoyable popcorn flick.  Robert Downey Jr.  is his regular awesome self; he is fantastic as a grown man having a childlike reaction to his best, and only, friends pending marriage.  His petty and juvenile reaction to this is fantastic.  Jude Law is great too.  I would definitely recommend this movie.  
Overall Grade B+

I really liked this movie. I think we saw it as a preview on something else. I thought the film was slow at first, but I really got into it, and enjoyed it.  The one thing that was hard about this movie is how true to life it is.  I remember growing up and watching movies about terrorism and going to war.  Now that's our new reality. I enjoy watching movies to escape from reality. This is in your face reality.

Grade B-

I wasn't as big of a fan of this movie.  It's not to say it wasn't a well done film.  I just wasn't really feeling the subject matter at the time.  It deals with the differences between the peaceful teachings of true Islam and the way fundamentalists use Islam to justify their terrorism.  The ending has a couple of pretty good twists, but if you pay attention to the movie you can sort of see them coming.  Overall, not a bad movie, but you have to be in the right mood.
Overall Grade: C+

 We wasted a dollar and an hour and a half of our time watching this film. It had a few funny parts.  Overall it wasn't horrid. Ry was less than interested in giving his review. 

Grade D

What have movies have you watched lately?

**all images taken from Google, unless noted.