sometimes and always


Linking up today for my first Sometimes and Always.

sometimes: I miss Minnesota a lot

 always: I  remember how many wonderful people I've met here

sometimes: I wish I hadn't given up diet coke

 always: I wish I still kept diet coke in the fridge

 sometimes: I miss my "real life" friends (back home)

always:  I love all the blog friends I've come in contact with over the past year

sometimes:  I wish Dexter would learn how to share the bed

always: I don't move him when he is hogging the bed

sometimes:  I wish I was thinner, had nicer hair, longer legs

sometimes:  I wish I didn't have such an addiction to nail polish and buying books

always:  I keep buying them, and adding to my collection



  1. My pup is a huge bed hog, too. And I don't even understand how he manages it, since he's just a little guy!

  2. My little ones are bedhogs too! But I wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

  3. Can you imagine if he was a bigger dog? Hehe.

    Nothing wrong with buying books and polish. I can point out a million more worst and expensive addictions.

  4. I am addicted to buying books as well! And I think we all wish we could be thinner/have better hair/whatever we don't have...you are beautiful just the way you are!

  5. I'm addicting to buying books as well! I have books on my book shelf I have yet to read. We should do a blog swap or nail polish swap sometime...we could create it together!! I love your sometimes/always about being thinner, and then I too remember why my husband married me. He loves me for the way I am! ;)

  6. I always wish I was thinner, had better hair and nicer legs.

    And lately, I've always been wishing that my chi's didn't hog the bed.


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