yes, I judge people by their eyebrows

I saw this floating around the Blogosphere, thought I would give it a try.

I'm weird because
I have a huge fear of fish.
I have a fear of Jell-O.
I only drink out of a straw, unless I'm drinkin' beer.
I  love obsess over Dexter Morgan.
My drink of choice is water, bottled water. I prefer Evian or Fuji.  
I only like even numbers. I buy make-up, body wash, shampoos and all that junk in twos.
I am beyond obsessed with coupons, or coupies as I like to call them.
I get (at least) one car wash a week. I usually get 2-3 a week. I vacuum my car out every Saturday.
I don't eat pork. EVER! I call it swine. not pork.
I get excited to go to thrift stores, and even more excited when I find cheap books by authors I love. 
When I first meet someone I stare at their eyebrows, to see if they are groomed or not.
Minnesota will always be my home. I get uber excited when movies, TV, books, reference a place, thing, person from Minnesota. 
Saturdays in the Fall are  best spent watching college football and drinkin' beer. Nothing else matters. 
I don't like my hair in a ponytail. I once had an ex BF tell me I looked ugly with my hair up. 8 years later and I still think that.
I love to work in the University setting, but hate going to school. 
I go to even numbered check out lanes. OCD much?
They know my by name at all the libraries I've ever lived by. 

I'm a bad friend because
I don't call. I text.
I remember all the awkward moments we've had together and talk about them when I'm enjoying some adult beverages.
I'd rather hang out with my dog than you. Sorry!
I live far away.

I'm a good friend because
I always remember to send a snail mail birthday card.
I keep secrets, secret. Well except for telling Dexter sometimes.
I understand the meaning of friendship, and how it works both ways. 
I am a total paparazzi and capture all the moments we want to remember, and sometimes forget.
I'll hold your hair up when you're praying to the porcelain God.
I'm amazing at directions (in Minnesota) and we won't get lost. 
I will correct your spelling or grammar.
I will tell you that dress does look hideous on you.

I'm sad because
I miss home. 
I miss friends and family. 
I think that someday I will leave Missoura and miss those friends I've made. 
I can't help all the abused puppies and kitties that need help. 
I can't spend every day with Dexter Morgan and Ry-guy. Work is lame. ha! I kid, I kid.
People are still so unkind to one another.
I miss all the good concerts that come to Minneapolis and not here.

I'm happy because
We're going home for a long weekend in two and a half months. 
We'll be going to the Minnesota State Fair, which is the bomb.com.
I have a great guy in Ryan.
I have a wonderful and supportive family. 
I've experienced so many new/ and different things while down in Missoura. 
Dexter Morgan is in my life. 
OPI has some new neon nail polish colors coming out.
I get to come home to a wonderful guy and pup every night. 
I've met some great people down here. 
I only have 5 months left on my T-Mobile contract. I can finally say C-ya after 11 years with them

I'm excited for
Moving back to Minnesota.
Golden Gopher Football.
What the future holds. 


  1. ok, if we ever meet in person, I will be getting my eyebrows waxed prior to ... and I have never waxed my eyebrows in my life.
    and that is one mean ex BF. jerk. I bet you look great with your hair up. I'm the opposite ... hate my hair down. that's why I chopped it off.

  2. I just went to Goodwill the other day and found several good books- one of which I almost bought on my kindle the other day! Score!

    Also, you might not have a very good impression of me if we met on the street. I get my brows waxed way to infrequently and let them go way too long without plucking too.

    And I really wish I could help all the animals out there who need homes as well. I follow several rescue groups on Facebook and fawn over all the doggies daily. Unfortunately, my hubs is allergic, so it is just one dog for us!

  3. Haha! Good thing I keep my eyebrows tamed!

    I can't believe you don't like Jell-O. The honey doesn't like it either, he just thinks its gross. And you're not a bad friend because you don't call...well I don't know...you may be but I rather text than call too!

    As for your ex bf...Dare I say he is a loser? Well he is! You're a beautiful girl no matter how you wear your hair! You could have no hair & you'd still be gorgeous! Hey, why don't we be hairless buddies together? That didn't come out right :D


  4. Damn about the eyebrows thing. Nownim going to look in the mirror and fix them just in case I meet someone who does the same thing, lol.

    It was nice to read more about you! You're funny :)

    And that's why he's your ex. Not a nice guy!

    And the even number thing kinda makes me giggle ;)

  5. You know how much I love coupons and thrift stores, most people are missing out, but that means more for us.

  6. Listen, you can clean my car anytime you want... I hate cleaning my car! This was so fun!

  7. You're so funny! I love college football gamedays with beer too! And we all know that I'm obsessed with my dog, like you. I'm also a texter instead of a caller, that annoys my parents to no end! :) I love your title for this post too.

  8. I just love love love this post...
    I can't wait for football either!!


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