eating while driving

I just looked at my blog for this week and the past four posts have been link-ups. I hate when people do that. I'm becoming one of those people I hate. Sorry for that. I guess I lost a follower last night, perhaps  because of my love affair with link-ups. I promise to cut back on the link-ups.  I dunno how they got control of me. 

On my way to work this morning I stopped to gas up Herbie.  While I was standing there day dreaming trying to wake up I notice the mini van fueling behind me was still moving. My life flashed before my eyes. That was a bit dramatic. I seriously started to freak out the guy with the mini van didn't bother to put it in park. WTF. Who does that??? okay I've done it before in my garage, cuz I had to pee so bad it seemed logical. he was busy standing at the pump eating his breakfast, who eats their breakfast at the gas pump? I know we all have places to go, people to see, shit to get done, but really-eating your pizza at the gas pump? and for breakfast you middle aged man.  Are you hungover? or still think its okay to have pizza for breakfast. good news is I'm still alive and the mini van didn't take my life. 

However, I got to thinking about how I hate when I see people eating in their cars. I know everyone does it. I try not to, unless its french fries or something like that. I hate driving down the road see the mini van aka the grocery getter swerving as you eat your triple Whopper with cheese. UGH. gah-rose! People just put down the food, the phone, the magazine, the mascara, the razor, and focus on driving. whew thanks for letting me have my bitch session today. my therapist is on vacay this week. ha. I kid.  I think Ry-guy is sick of hearing me bitch this week.

What are your driving pet peeves??? Someone please comment, so I know I'm not crazy!

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  1. LMAO I can't stand the texters, the cell talkers, those putting on any kind of makeup and then those "honeymooners" that are sucking face while driving! :)


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