Blog Star: Hi I'm Dexter Morgan's Mama

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A few fun facts about me:

30. Dexter Morgan's Mama, Ry's other half. Minneapolis born and raised. Homesick for Minnesota. Living in Missouri. OPI Obsessed. Book worm. Scrap-booker. Pinterest Novice. Coupon Crazy. Photo taker. Traveler. Golden Gopher.ITUNES addict. Thift Store Junkie. Mystic Tan whore.Target freak. Wild about Martinis.

 That was the easy way out, I just copy and pasted my "about me" section.

I started this blog (almost) a year ago, when we found out we were moving down to Missouri or Missoura as I like to call it and so do the locals. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota all my 29 years. I was excited for a change, but I'm uber homesick
Oh and by we I mean my other half Dexter Morgan's Papa, Ryan or as he's referred to in the blog Ry-guy.

We've been together a little over two years. No ring, just talks. We're not in a rush to get married and end up in divorce. I'd rather take my time and get marriage right the first (and only time). 

Now on to the real "Blog Star" Mr. Dexter Morgan. He's pretty much the love of my life, other than Ry guy. This little man has kept me sane, when I was on the verge of going insane. His personality just kills me. He is loving when he knows I'm sad or upset. He's a great cuddler, bed hog, and overall best dog in the world. No joke. He also lets me take an outrageous amount of photos of him. He loves car rides more than anything and walks almost as much. He isn't afraid of the lawn mower, only the vacuum and Santa Claus. 

He is in all our family photos. 

He is trying his hand  paw at modeling. 

These are a couple fun posts that are worth your time

Enjoy! Stop by and say "hi" or stick around for a while. 




  1. How was I not following you on Pinterest?!

    We have so much in common, J and I are in no hurry to get married either!

    Dexter cracks me up!

  2. I'm just stopping by to say hello From The Blog Star Blog Hop!

  3. It was good to get to learn more about you.

  4. that is one lucky dog! but quit scaring him with santa claus. that is not very nice of you.

  5. Love that you linked to your post about Dexter and the relationship to the show. Love it. So happy you decided to link-up. You know I love your blog!

  6. Dexter you are the best blog star I know.

  7. Hi! Another person dropping in from Blog Star and a new follower of yours! :)

  8. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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