What I'm loving Wednesday...ahh I mean Thursday...

Whoops totally forgot to post a blog yesterday. I kept telling myself all day to go and post and sure enough I forgot.

Anywho, linking up again for WILW.

I'm loving that we have nothing to do this weekend. Well except empty the DVR.  I have shows since late January and February to get to. I've been trying to not read the spoilers on-line, I've been unsuccessful at this.

I'm loving that I started to volunteer at the  local library last night. I'm doing some arts and craft things for the kids area of the library. I love it!

I'm loving that Ry-guy is really excited to get some stuff done around the house this weekend. I'm excited to get this stuff done.

I'm loving that I've been having a lot of fun with my little sister. She is such a hoot to be around.

I'm loving that we bought a new gas grill. Ry is planning on setting it up Friday. We'll be drinking some beer and  grillin' steaks. My favorite!

I'm loving Mr Dexter Morgan. Even if we did have to shave him after our anniversary, since we found so many ticks on him. He looks so little.

I'm loving some more new followers. I am also loving the ones I've had forever. Thanks ladies!

laters loves,


  1. Love those weekends when you have NOTHING planned!! And how cute are you volunteering at the library with the kids! Sounds like fun :-)

  2. sisters and dogs. yep ... you are my kind of gal.

  3. Oh Dex....I hope your mom got all those nasties.

  4. Awww poor Dexter! Hope those nasty ticks are off you!

    And yay to new gas grills! I'm so excited to grill this weekend too! :)


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