WHAT???? another Puppy?????

Last week we left Dexter Morgan at home with his Grandpa (Ry's dad).  I was upset  distraught about leaving Mr. Morgan. This would mean he was all alone. Without his Mama or his Papa. This has never happened before. I was having major separation anxiety. So was Dexter... he knew something was going on when we got the suitcase. He just knows.

I know what some of you are thinking... Really? He's just a dog? He'll be fine by himself.  Well if you didn't know this. I pretty much love my son (Dexter) more than anything in this world. I tell people he's my son, I go anywhere and everywhere with him. He will be heading with us this weekend on our anniversary.  I just love being around him.  As Ry guy knows we're a packaged deal. When we first met I told him he would have to learn to love both of us and understand my obsession with Dexter. Well let's not say obsession, let's just say love. Lots of love.

Anywho, onward. So we left Dexter. I'm pretty sure Ry guy shed a tear. I shouldn't be telling you this, but its so cute.  I was really sad devastated that we left him.

Ry guy sure seemed to move on quickly. At the Groom's dinner he met Brody, a little Morkie. For those of you who aren't familiar with Morkies, the breed comes from a Yorkie and Maltese.

Here is the evidence. Dexter was not please to see these photos.

I'm not sure if I've ever told you this, but DEXTER DOES NOT SHARE. He doesn't seem to understand that we can pet another dog and not lose our love for him. He doesn't understand why the other dogs can play with his toys.

Seeing his Papa with another dog was the hardest thing for him to understand. Ry's clothing smelt like this other pup and it was just an awful experience.  He still has not forgiven his Papa. He is working through things. He asks for privacy at this time. Thank You.

What things are you not good at sharing???

xoxo loves-


  1. Oh Dex...I know how you feel. I'm not very good at sharing my mom either. I do have a big brother ... but I'm clearly the favorite and the boss. Mom takes a lot of flack because she won't go anywhere without me. By the way it's not too late to link your picture up on our first Photo Party. The deadline is Friday at 5:00. Hey...you could link up this post. Tell your mom.

  2. Haha! I'm sorry but I almost fell out of my chair laughing at those photos of Ry & Brody. I'm sure he missed Dexter & has made up for bonding with another pup!



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