two years part 2

Yesterday, I told you about our fun weekend in Arkansas. I forgot to tell you about the hotel. DUH! I mean you did see Mr. Morgan checking out the bed, but not the inside of the hotel. boo!

Okay so the hotel was pretty cool. We stayed at the 1929 Hotel Seville.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I found the hotel through a daily deal site. If you ever get the chance to stay there, do it!  Hopefully Liesha will be working. She was the front desk clerk and a pleasure to talk to.  Everyone in Arkansas was so nice.

We don't find that too often in Missoura. We have to travel back to Minnesota. Shout out to my peeps in Minny!

 inside the hotel

Of course I am awesome and didn't take one of the outside of the hotel. Here is one I found on Google.

We wanted to do some more hiking on Sunday morning. We decided against that after finding several ticks on Dex.  Since we've got home we've found 17 on him and two on Ry guy and one on me. Ish. Seriously, what purpose do ticks have? Ry and I plan to go back in the Fall and hopefully we will be able do more hiking and see the waterfalls and mountains. 

With hiking off the list we decided to go for a scenic drive.  The road was super curvy with lots of hills. At one point the only way to get over to Missoura from Arkansas was to take the ferry. It was a quick little ride over. 

the view

docking the ferry

 I'll use any excuse for a picture. First family trip on a ferry ride.

Dex a little unsure about this "ferry thing"

Oh I almost for got. We met Shakespeare.

I forgot to post this photo yesterday but it was so pretty there.

I couldn't imagine what the past two years of my life would be like without Ry guy. He means the world to me. For some of my new followers here are the several reasons why I love him.

Welcome to my new followers and thanks to all my followers. 

laters loves!


  1. Aww looks like a lot fun! And do pretty! I can't believe how many ticks you found on each other. Carazy!

  2. cool hotel. Did they allow dogs? That's really cool. Most places here don't...but Blake goes into the bag and he sneaks in. I don't have to protect my dogs from fleas and ticks cuz they're generally in the back yard or non-tick places. But I have worried about going to a dog run out of town or even to the beach or hiking...I sure don't want to get that started in the yard either.

  3. yeah they allowed dogs. We only had to pay an extra 10 buckaroos. He really enjoyed himself, and so did we.

  4. 10 bucks?! That's awesome...we have 2 dogs and have had to pay $50 to have them stay in a hotel...then again that's WI. Looks like alot of fun. Never really thought there was alot to see there but from your pictures I am way wrong!!

  5. Love hotels that we can bring Dinsmore. So worth the extra cost. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  6. What a gorgeous hotel!! Love all the pictures! And the dress you're wearing with Shakespeare is so cute!


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