SO WHAT! Wednesday # 1

Linking up today for my first So What! Wednesday

Here goes!

SO What if I love my son  dog an excessive amount.
SO What if I only drink with a straw everyday.
SO What if I'm skipping Book Club tonight because I can't stand the smell of sushi and fish, sorry loves!
SO What if I can't seem to get into 50 Shades of Gray.

SO What if I used my chap-stick today to rub on my heels to ease the pain from the massive blisters forming.
SO What if I've had almost an entire cake that was made on Sunday.
SO What if I get excited for the new book release list to hit the local library website.
SO What if I really loved having an Ice Cream Social with my co-workers today... and that I used an exorbitant amount of sprinkles.

What are you saying SO What to today?


  1. You can't get into 50 shades??? Keep reading! It gets really good!! Trust me!!! The 2nd is waaaaaaay better and then the 3rd is MIND BLOWING AWESOME!

    Thanks for the follow :) I followed back xoxo

  2. so what if I'm a crazy dog mom like you.
    and now I want ice cream.

  3. So what if I googled a million hotels in Hollywood just to find the one my yorkie Blake would like best.
    Sshhh...don't tell my husband.

    C ya Monday Dex.

  4. Ice cream is so so much better with more sprinkles! Actually, anything is better with sprinkles! YUM!!


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