send something good reveal

A couple weeks back I signed up for a blog swap titled "Send Something Good".  We all know I really love a good blog swap.  I was excited to get to know a couple new bloggers. The blogger I was paired up with to send stuff to was Kim@ The Sasse Life.  I loved looking through her blog posts. She is super duper crafty. Something I wish I could be, but it never works out that way. She likes Hobby Lobby, I mean who doesn't? I knew I would be sending her a gift card, so she could pick out whatever would work best for her new project. I also wanted to send some other fun things with. Thankfully, she left a small list on her blog of things she would like. I don't have my photos with me of what I sent her, so I am hoping she is okay if I use the ones she took.

Of course being so excited to get this stuff sent, I forgot to put the gift card in the wallet. Duh, that was the whole point of sending the wallet. 

The day I came home to find the package from my sender, I had totally forgot that I signed up.  I was unsure  who is this person sending me a package. I then opened it and saw it was the lovely Breeanna @A Brilliant Melody.  This girl went all out. She stalked my blog like no other. I told her in an email she needs to give Ry-guy some tips on stuff to buy for me. 

She got me a camping lantern and bug spray. Girl knew I love to camp.  She got me some fab make up brushes, earrings, nail polish, and lip gloss that I can't get enough of.  Her fur babies bought Dexter some treats and a cute toy. I can't seem to get it away from him long enough to take a photo. annnd a country CD. whoop!  This one is her favorite- Allison Krauus & Union Station, Paper Airplane.

I"m pretty sure she knows me better than I know myself. She had the sweetest card included with everything. I couldn't open the card until I had unwrapped each gift. The card was so sweet and she talked about how much stuff we have in common. holy smokes we sure do have a lot in common. It amazed me that someone I had never met could have so many common interests as me. 

I loved the experience of see blogs I might not have come across. That was the best part. Breeanna and I have emailed a couple times and I look forward to getting to know her better. PS girl. email me back!

Special Thanks to the Send Something Good crew. You ladies did a fabulous job!

I hope to be apart of the next Send Something Good. 


  1. That's awesome! I adore bogland!

    And I wish I were crafty too. I suck. Places like Michaels overwhelm me :(

  2. what great gifts! I love blog swaps, they are so fun and a great way to meet new awesome bloggers.

  3. blogland is just the best. make up brushes? i can always use those!

  4. Sheesh! She certainly did go all out! Wow! So glad you had fun!!


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