My Current Obsessions #7

I've been so dang busy lately I haven't been able to obsess over much lately. I've had such a social life lately (thanks to a co-worker).  I went from doing nothing, to Junior League, Bunko, meetings, shopping, book club, and activities with my little sister. whew. that's a mouthful. I enjoy having a social life don't get me wrong, but I like my alone time A LOT. I can read, watch movies, and anything else my heart desires.  On to the obsessions.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm loving any books about the life of JFK.  I have these to read as well.

Chicken-nuff said

TV Show
I haven't been watching much TV lately. I still have shows on my TIVO from January. I manged to get through a couple last weekend.

Who doesn't love this show? If you don't we can't be internet friends. I kid, I kid. I love this show.

and this show. OH M GEE. I love these two together. They remind me a lot of me and Ry guy. Except they have a lot more monaaayy , are much thinner and have a TV show about their life. 

Ahh this man... ohhh weiieieieiieiieieeeee. Eric Church and his song "Springsteen". Amazeballs. Love it, and him. yes, listen to him, love him and thank me later.

I love these two videos of the song "Call me Maybe"

Celebrating the birth of these two!

What are you guys obsessing over this week?
laters loves-


  1. i agree, if you don't like Glee something is wrong with you, hehe. kidding. sorta.

    i can't watch the clip right now because i'm at work but is it the lacrosse team ... the mens and womens face off? it was on TV today while i was working out in the morning. so funny and cute!

    i think the Kennedys have always been fascinating. just something about that family and he of course.

    ahhh, if only we could have our own television show and all that money, hehe.

  2. Too bad for you, Faith ... the clip was amazing!!
    And ... holy busy life! I'm exhausted just reading about it.

  3. Holy cow, girl - you are a busy lady! I am with you on the TV. I am way behind, but the weather has been so nice I don't want to stay inside with the TV. I will definitely watch those videos when I'm home tonight! :)

  4. I love the Harvard Baseball one!! Those guys crack me up...

  5. I know we're not blog friends so you probably don't know this little tidbit about me but...Eric Church is my future ex-husband.

    Ok not really. But I wish.

    1. ha ha I love it! and why aren't we blog friends? we should change that.


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