movie review Monday #1

Over the long weekend I got to spend some much needed quality time with Ry-guy.  We did what we do best; watched movies.  He offered was told he was going to review the movies we watched. So here goes.

It was a cute movie. I had heard years back about this couple and the accident. It was fun to see (parts) of their story brought to life. I really enjoyed Channing Tatum.  

I gave it a B-

This is Ryan, or "Ry-guy."  I will now provide the male perspective.  The movie is exactly what you would expect from the trailer.  It's a movie that most guys would not openly choose to see on their own.  If your friends say's "Hey, dude, you wanna watch "The Vow?" then immediately question his sexuality.  That being said, if your girlfriend/wife gets to pick the movie, you could do worse.  It's not "The Notebook" or "Bridges of Madison County," where you want to poke needles in your eyes.  It is a chick flick, but it is tolerable.  So, if you are in the doghouse or just want to score some points, I suggest this film.  

From the male perspective:  D.  It passes, but just barely.

Well what a stellar review from Ry-guy.  On to the next film.

I don't think very many people even knew this movie came out. If they did they didn't see it.  I loved this movie! I really like movies similar to this, movies such as: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Four Feathers, and Man in the Iron Mask.  If you haven't seen those movies go and check them out. This movie had some romance, action and Orlando Bloom.  My only complaint about this movie was the (semi) unknowns they had playing the Musketeers. 

I give it a B

Me again.  This movie was a pretty cool popcorn flick, but not much more.  I was a little disappointed.  First, I'm getting sick of Milla Jovovich.  Is there no other female actress that can kick a little ass (More on that later).  I guess she needed something to do before she started filming "Resident Evil 47."  It's probably getting a little difficult to reinvent this story since it's been done a million times.  But this story involved a "War Machine" designed by Leonardo DiVinci.  Which was essentially a regular ship with a blimp so it could fly.  It was fitted with new fangled weapons for the time that seemed cool, but I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't just shoot the blimp.  Boom.  One shot.  Battle over.  The action scenes where pretty cool, and it was quite entertaining, but I think the casting and writing could have been improved.  All in all, not a bad movie.  

My grade B

Uffda, Ry-guy is rather chatty about movies. So we will just give our grades for the next couple movies.

Ry didn't have the pleasure of watching this movie with me. I really enjoyed the music but not the film. 

I'll give it a C

Jen C
Ry C

Ryan really wanted to give a review on this movie. I give it a C-. 

I liked this movie.  First, It's directed by Steven Soderberg (The guy that did the Ocean's 11 movies).  I really like the way he makes movies.  He shows you  bits and pieces of the ending throughout the movie so when everything is explained you think back to the movies and remember things that seemed innocuous but were actually important (Think of the pine tree air freshener in "Ocean's 11).  He essentially starts the film in the middle, uses a variety of flashbacks to catch the viewer up and and then gradually puts all the pieces together.  It isn't a linear progression like so many action films are.  I really liked the fight scenes.  There were no wire stunts.  I've never had to kick anyone's ass, but this was how I would do it in my mind.  Which brings me to the star of the film, Gina Carano.  If you don't know her, she is women's UFC champion.  So she knows how to kick a little ass.  The fight scenes mixed in some of her MMA moves.  She seemed to really know how to handle herself which I think was key to the authenticity of the fight scenes.  An added bonus is the fact that she was pretty easy on the eyes.  She wasn't a terrible actress.  A little stiff but with a few acting lessons I think she could be a successful actress.  Overall, it was a pretty good movie.  

My Grade:  B+

Jen B
Ry B+

Hopefully you enjoyed our reviews. 

What movies have you seen lately?



  1. oh this is so fun! loved seeing that although two people can see the same exact movie, each can have such a different perspective on it. love that.

    i saw Haywire .. for 20 minutes and we stopped. i thought it was horrible, lol. luckily we got it through redbox for $1 so that made it a little easier to swallow.

  2. Hey girly! Ry-Guy's reviews are hysterical! I loved this!

  3. We just saw Haywire too. It wasn't my fav at all, but with none of our shows on TV for the summer we have to find something!!! darn!
    thanks for the reviews!!


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