Fur Baby Friday # ?

Last night while I was fast asleep, Ry guy snapped these two photos of Mr. Morgan. He sure looks pretty comfortable.  Glad he's able to sprawl out on the bed, while Ry and I are hanging off the bed.

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What you doing this weekend loves? 

I'm doing a whole lotta nothing. Our company gave us today off and so I ran all my errands, got a mani-pedi and spray tan. That leaves me three days to myself. 

TGIF loves~


  1. Awesome pics as always! No big plans for the weekend. Chillin at the house, lil bbq here and there. It's going to be extremely humid! Eeek! I hibernate! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Just
    Across your blog...the fur babies are too cute!

  3. Oh Dex...you trully rock. How much do you weigh...I weigh about 6 pounds, which I love to throw around...hahaha. I'm laying low this weekend with mom and dad. Dad just got out of the hospital, so we're chilln' with him. Hope to see ya at the PLPP&C. It just opened ... can't be a party without cha. By the way...mom really likes your sidebar button.

  4. I weight around 10lbs. I'm working on getting some cute photos for the party. See ya there!


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