Linking up with Tara and Katie for Birchbox Brag.  I really hated this box. I don't understand the Gossip Girl tie in.  I've been reading other bloggers thoughts on this box, and people didn't seem to enjoy this box.

Sorry this post sucks. I canceled my subscription today. I'm going to spend my $10 buckaroos elsewhere.

What do you guys think of your box this month?


  1. I was debating whether or not to get Birchbox or not, and I have heard so many bad reviews that I am definitely not wasting my time. Thanks for sealing the deal! :)

  2. So many bloggers raved about Birchbox in the beginning and now so many rants. Sorry that it sucked this month. Now you can spend that $10 on nailpolish ... You know you want to :)

  3. not my favorite box! wish they would have tied in gossip girl more than just with the notecard.

  4. You're the second person who has cancelled!! I'm way too scared to even try it now!

  5. You're hilarious! You're all "Sorry this post sucks... so does birchbox!" Love it! I got a decent box, but wasn't overly thrilled with what I got! Hope you're well... can we catch up soon?!


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