12 in 12 (update)

So its May day. May 1st. eep the year is almost half over. Oh how the time flies.  In January I made a list of 12 things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. Let's recap to see my progress, or lack of progress. ha!

1.Read 50 books. Well yup mayhjor fail. I've only read 10. That's 20%. I need to work on this. I've read some pretty good ones so far. Only one I really couldn't stand. You can see what I plan to read on my goodreads. Add me, be book friends with me.

2. Lose weight. Doing okay on this one. I'm down 20lbs since Christmas. Ry guy is down 17lbs. We're really trying to eat better, work-out more and have fun doing it. We gave up soda. That has helped us BIG TIME. We still drink one a week or so. Before I NEEDED my diet coke to get through the day.

Pre- 20lbs lost

20 lbs less

3. Go on a real vacay. Haven't done this yet. Haven't really planned anything yet. We are going to Arkansas for our anniversary this weekend. Ry guy did fly on his first plane ride last week when we went home.

4. Pay off bills. So far I've paid off three bills this year. A good start to the year. The good news is with Ry guy having a job we will be paying off things much faster. Saving for our move back to Minnesota.

5. Grow my hair out. Well this is still a work in progress. Exhibt A

6. Go back to school. I work at University so you would think it would be easy to go back to school. Well I hate going to school, just hate it. Strange because I've spent the past several years working in a University. Maybe in the Fall.

7. Explore Missoua. Well I've been trying to get out there and see more stuff. I really enjoyed going to St. Louis with my Mama. Hopefully we can explore Missouri this Summer.

8. Decorate our home.This is also a work in progress. We've painted the entire house, except the kitchen. We've done some things outside the house to enhance our "curb appeal".  Hopefully this summer we can do more inside when its too hot to be outside.

9. See more of the bestie. BOO! I haven't done a damn thing about this. I'm hoping to get out to see her and her cute baby in October. I hope this happens. I do miss her dearly.

10. Become closer to family. Still working on this. We do go to see family every chance we get. We went to the party of the year.  We were lucky enough to see some family last weekend, while we were back in town for the wedding.

Cheers to family!

11. Volunteer.  Doing pretty well with this. I got matched up with my little sister. We've been doing some fun things. I start volunteering at the local library in a week. 

12. Be Happy!  Still a work in progress.. I kid, I kid.

What goals have you accomplished so far this year?

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  1. Your doing so great on your goals!

    Twenty pounds less looks good on you. And, way to go on the painting - we have managed to get two bathrooms and the garage painted. It's totally exhausting to paint!


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