caution... randomness ahead

since I'm among friends here I thought I could share some things with you.

Let's start with my number one... I have a bad obsession with the car wash. We used to meet every Saturday morning around 10am get the works, go home and wait till I saw him the next weekend. Now I can't seem to pass by a car wash and not feel this incredible urge to get "Herbie" (my car) a wash.  This needs to stop. well my checking account would really like it to stop.  Another problem is Dexter Morgan enjoys the car wash almost as much as I do. He loves watching the water go from side to side, and the brushes run along the car. Seeing as I usually take him almost everywhere it makes it a fun activity together.

okay something is clearly wrong with me. Last night, while driving home I saw a man standing at a streetlight holding a sign that said "Homeless anything will help, God Bless".  I see a lot of these signs around town. Lots of homeless people, sadly I'm used to that. Insert the man holding the sign has a dog in tow, he tied the leash to the streetlight. I lost it,started bawling the whole six miles home. I was tempted to go to the Wal-Mart across the street to get some dog food.

 As a co-worker pointed out to me today, I cared more about the well being of this dog, than I did of the human. Sorta effed up,  yeah I guess. I don't see it that way.  I see it as perfectly normal to care about animals more. I don't know why I think this way, but I do. Please try to refrain from send me hate mail/comments about this. My brain just works this way.

Once I got home I held my son  fury child forever. He was squeamish and attempted to get away multiple times. He didn't seem to enjoy my loving and smooches. 

I dunno if anyone has seen this show on NATGEO, Amish: Out of Order. OH M GEE. I love this show. I have a strange craze  fascination with Amish. Their way of life, clothing and religion. Watch it. 

I joined Twitter again in other news. you can follow me here.  I'm still not sure about this whole Twitter thing.  I'm giving it another go.   

What's new with you?


story of my life

yup. true story. 

nuff said.

Happy Hump Day loves!

off to hang with Dexter Morgan.


send something good reveal

A couple weeks back I signed up for a blog swap titled "Send Something Good".  We all know I really love a good blog swap.  I was excited to get to know a couple new bloggers. The blogger I was paired up with to send stuff to was Kim@ The Sasse Life.  I loved looking through her blog posts. She is super duper crafty. Something I wish I could be, but it never works out that way. She likes Hobby Lobby, I mean who doesn't? I knew I would be sending her a gift card, so she could pick out whatever would work best for her new project. I also wanted to send some other fun things with. Thankfully, she left a small list on her blog of things she would like. I don't have my photos with me of what I sent her, so I am hoping she is okay if I use the ones she took.

Of course being so excited to get this stuff sent, I forgot to put the gift card in the wallet. Duh, that was the whole point of sending the wallet. 

The day I came home to find the package from my sender, I had totally forgot that I signed up.  I was unsure  who is this person sending me a package. I then opened it and saw it was the lovely Breeanna @A Brilliant Melody.  This girl went all out. She stalked my blog like no other. I told her in an email she needs to give Ry-guy some tips on stuff to buy for me. 

She got me a camping lantern and bug spray. Girl knew I love to camp.  She got me some fab make up brushes, earrings, nail polish, and lip gloss that I can't get enough of.  Her fur babies bought Dexter some treats and a cute toy. I can't seem to get it away from him long enough to take a photo. annnd a country CD. whoop!  This one is her favorite- Allison Krauus & Union Station, Paper Airplane.

I"m pretty sure she knows me better than I know myself. She had the sweetest card included with everything. I couldn't open the card until I had unwrapped each gift. The card was so sweet and she talked about how much stuff we have in common. holy smokes we sure do have a lot in common. It amazed me that someone I had never met could have so many common interests as me. 

I loved the experience of see blogs I might not have come across. That was the best part. Breeanna and I have emailed a couple times and I look forward to getting to know her better. PS girl. email me back!

Special Thanks to the Send Something Good crew. You ladies did a fabulous job!

I hope to be apart of the next Send Something Good. 


movie review Monday #1

Over the long weekend I got to spend some much needed quality time with Ry-guy.  We did what we do best; watched movies.  He offered was told he was going to review the movies we watched. So here goes.

It was a cute movie. I had heard years back about this couple and the accident. It was fun to see (parts) of their story brought to life. I really enjoyed Channing Tatum.  

I gave it a B-

This is Ryan, or "Ry-guy."  I will now provide the male perspective.  The movie is exactly what you would expect from the trailer.  It's a movie that most guys would not openly choose to see on their own.  If your friends say's "Hey, dude, you wanna watch "The Vow?" then immediately question his sexuality.  That being said, if your girlfriend/wife gets to pick the movie, you could do worse.  It's not "The Notebook" or "Bridges of Madison County," where you want to poke needles in your eyes.  It is a chick flick, but it is tolerable.  So, if you are in the doghouse or just want to score some points, I suggest this film.  

From the male perspective:  D.  It passes, but just barely.

Well what a stellar review from Ry-guy.  On to the next film.

I don't think very many people even knew this movie came out. If they did they didn't see it.  I loved this movie! I really like movies similar to this, movies such as: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Four Feathers, and Man in the Iron Mask.  If you haven't seen those movies go and check them out. This movie had some romance, action and Orlando Bloom.  My only complaint about this movie was the (semi) unknowns they had playing the Musketeers. 

I give it a B

Me again.  This movie was a pretty cool popcorn flick, but not much more.  I was a little disappointed.  First, I'm getting sick of Milla Jovovich.  Is there no other female actress that can kick a little ass (More on that later).  I guess she needed something to do before she started filming "Resident Evil 47."  It's probably getting a little difficult to reinvent this story since it's been done a million times.  But this story involved a "War Machine" designed by Leonardo DiVinci.  Which was essentially a regular ship with a blimp so it could fly.  It was fitted with new fangled weapons for the time that seemed cool, but I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't just shoot the blimp.  Boom.  One shot.  Battle over.  The action scenes where pretty cool, and it was quite entertaining, but I think the casting and writing could have been improved.  All in all, not a bad movie.  

My grade B

Uffda, Ry-guy is rather chatty about movies. So we will just give our grades for the next couple movies.

Ry didn't have the pleasure of watching this movie with me. I really enjoyed the music but not the film. 

I'll give it a C

Jen C
Ry C

Ryan really wanted to give a review on this movie. I give it a C-. 

I liked this movie.  First, It's directed by Steven Soderberg (The guy that did the Ocean's 11 movies).  I really like the way he makes movies.  He shows you  bits and pieces of the ending throughout the movie so when everything is explained you think back to the movies and remember things that seemed innocuous but were actually important (Think of the pine tree air freshener in "Ocean's 11).  He essentially starts the film in the middle, uses a variety of flashbacks to catch the viewer up and and then gradually puts all the pieces together.  It isn't a linear progression like so many action films are.  I really liked the fight scenes.  There were no wire stunts.  I've never had to kick anyone's ass, but this was how I would do it in my mind.  Which brings me to the star of the film, Gina Carano.  If you don't know her, she is women's UFC champion.  So she knows how to kick a little ass.  The fight scenes mixed in some of her MMA moves.  She seemed to really know how to handle herself which I think was key to the authenticity of the fight scenes.  An added bonus is the fact that she was pretty easy on the eyes.  She wasn't a terrible actress.  A little stiff but with a few acting lessons I think she could be a successful actress.  Overall, it was a pretty good movie.  

My Grade:  B+

Jen B
Ry B+

Hopefully you enjoyed our reviews. 

What movies have you seen lately?



Fur Baby Friday # ?

Last night while I was fast asleep, Ry guy snapped these two photos of Mr. Morgan. He sure looks pretty comfortable.  Glad he's able to sprawl out on the bed, while Ry and I are hanging off the bed.

In other exciting news, DMM has a Facebook page. Please like us

What you doing this weekend loves? 

I'm doing a whole lotta nothing. Our company gave us today off and so I ran all my errands, got a mani-pedi and spray tan. That leaves me three days to myself. 

TGIF loves~


and they call it puppy love..errr obession

Its a slow news day in the Dexter Morgan household. I figured I would post about what I love most dogs.  Mostly only Dexter Morgan.

                                             ** images are from Pinterest**


SO WHAT! Wednesday # 1

Linking up today for my first So What! Wednesday

Here goes!

SO What if I love my son  dog an excessive amount.
SO What if I only drink with a straw everyday.
SO What if I'm skipping Book Club tonight because I can't stand the smell of sushi and fish, sorry loves!
SO What if I can't seem to get into 50 Shades of Gray.

SO What if I used my chap-stick today to rub on my heels to ease the pain from the massive blisters forming.
SO What if I've had almost an entire cake that was made on Sunday.
SO What if I get excited for the new book release list to hit the local library website.
SO What if I really loved having an Ice Cream Social with my co-workers today... and that I used an exorbitant amount of sprinkles.

What are you saying SO What to today?


you can say you knew me when

you see me on Hoarders.  I have a small problem, well I see it as a small problem.  Ry guy sees it as a gateway to hoarding.

This is my problem

no, no, Dexter Morgan isn't the problem.  I have an excessive  massive amount of magazines and I subscribe to each and every one of them. I don't know how many I have. At last count it was 22, I added a couple more recently, I'm thinking I'm closer to 25-26.  I don't want to count. Last week I received eight magazines in one day. That day I realized I might have a problem. I'm still determining if I have an issue.

 In all fairness, sometimes magazines just show up in the mail. I don't sign up for them.  They show up in the mail and don't send invoices for payment. If companies want to send me their magazines for free I will take them. 

I still have issues from October 2011. I want to make sure I read them. I don't want to miss out on something. I mean who cares if I'm just reading about the J-Lo-Marc Anthony divorce. I kid, I kid.

I  really don't like clutter or anything messy. I have bad  excessive OCD, but magazines stacking up doesn't seem to bother me. 

What do you hoard collect?

laters loves



Linking up with Tara and Katie for Birchbox Brag.  I really hated this box. I don't understand the Gossip Girl tie in.  I've been reading other bloggers thoughts on this box, and people didn't seem to enjoy this box.

Sorry this post sucks. I canceled my subscription today. I'm going to spend my $10 buckaroos elsewhere.

What do you guys think of your box this month?


-Fur Baby Friday-

No words are really needed for this post. I will tell you this morning Dexter Morgan and I had a little photo shoot at 6am. I can't wait for it to be 5 o'clock so I can get him to him and Ry guy!

What are you guys doing this weekend? 
later loves-


My Current Obsessions #7

I've been so dang busy lately I haven't been able to obsess over much lately. I've had such a social life lately (thanks to a co-worker).  I went from doing nothing, to Junior League, Bunko, meetings, shopping, book club, and activities with my little sister. whew. that's a mouthful. I enjoy having a social life don't get me wrong, but I like my alone time A LOT. I can read, watch movies, and anything else my heart desires.  On to the obsessions.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm loving any books about the life of JFK.  I have these to read as well.

Chicken-nuff said

TV Show
I haven't been watching much TV lately. I still have shows on my TIVO from January. I manged to get through a couple last weekend.

Who doesn't love this show? If you don't we can't be internet friends. I kid, I kid. I love this show.

and this show. OH M GEE. I love these two together. They remind me a lot of me and Ry guy. Except they have a lot more monaaayy , are much thinner and have a TV show about their life. 

Ahh this man... ohhh weiieieieiieiieieeeee. Eric Church and his song "Springsteen". Amazeballs. Love it, and him. yes, listen to him, love him and thank me later.

I love these two videos of the song "Call me Maybe"

Celebrating the birth of these two!

What are you guys obsessing over this week?
laters loves-