What I'm loving Wednesday (link-up)

I'm linking up with Little Daisy May for What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving my new blog design. AMAZING!  I've never won anything before, and then this gal (who had just re-done her blog) had a new post about blog design. The first two peeps to comment on her post would receive a free blog design. So wonderful! I've been reading tons and tons of tutorials, watching you-tube videos trying to make something happen. She did exactly what I had been hoping for. 

I'm loving that in several short hours my Mama will be in town. WOOT! So excited to see her. I haven't seen her since Christmas. boo!

I'm loving that tomorrow is my Friday. 

I'm loving that I have a three day work week next week. I will get to spend more time with her and Mr Dexter Morgan.

I'm loving that in 20 days I'll be heading back to Minnesota for Ry's best friend's wedding. I love weddings!

I'm loving that I've already received four new nail polishes in the mail this week, and I still have a couple more to go. 

I'm loving that on Friday I will finally meet my little sister. So glad we are finally going to get to start our adventures.

Lastly, I'm loving my new blog signature.

P.S. Check out my new button!


  1. I have to admit this is my first time visiting your blog. But i love the new design... I too have been spending hours reading and looking for help in designing my blog. I may just have to throw some money at this situation.

  2. Mom's coming!!!! WOOT WOOT! I love everything that you love because it makes you happy! I'm anxiously awaiting photos of you, mom & that cutie Dexter Morgan!


  3. I love your new blog design - the button is too cute for words.

    I did all my blog layout stuff, and am almost done with my button. Once I get my sidebar all set up for buttons I am totally adding yours!


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