I just don't know how to quit you

Hi my name is Jen and I have a nail polish obsession.  I also have a fondness for beauty products.

A while back I signed up for Birchbox, which I love.  I also found Julep which has amazing nail polish.  They also send beauty products with the nail polish. love that!  I stumbled across another blog with a monthly nail polish subscription. Of course I had to have it. My Mama is also aware of my addiction and she would send me a fun package once a week with a new polish or two. love her!

Well last week when she was here, her and Ry guy had a mini intervention with me. Ry told me  advised me that I should "cool it on the nail polish for a while".

We have a lot of events (requiring us to travel) this summer and I need a new dress for pretty much every one. I can't have all the nail polish and the dresses is pretty much what we decided on.

I didn't really have a leg to stand on when this came in the mail and or bought all in two days.

Exhibit A 

It was really hard for me to hit the "cancel" button for my Birchbox subscription. I hated having to call into Julep to cancel my order.  

Dear Birchbox and Julep, I will see you again. Even only if its in my dreams.


What have you had to give up lately?


  1. That is a lot of nail polish! And thanks for the nail polish advice on my blog. I will have to try the drying spray!

  2. Oh my gosh, all the bloggers just fuel my nail polish collection!

  3. I LOVE me some nail polish too!!! Lately I've gotten into the stick on designs (Sally Hansen & Kiss). They last forever and are soooo EASY! And noooooo! How could you cancel your Birchbox?!?! I've never heard of Julep, I'm gonna have to go see what its all about!

  4. I've never heard of Julep...is it just like Birchbox? I am debating to suscribe to Birch Box but I'm sure the hubs will not appreciate it ;)

  5. Oh gosh, I'm such nail polish addict too! I'm signed up for both Birchbox and Julep, but sometimes I skip my monthly Julep box because it does add up!


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