Fur Baby Friday (link-up)


Linking up today for Fur Baby Friday.

We are missing little Dexter Morgan so much. We had to take some photos before we left. We had a mini photo shoot with Mr. Morgan

We CAN'T wait to get home to our boy. This is the first time EVER that we've gone on a trip without him. 

What are you doing this weekend ladies?



  1. OMG Dexter...there's just something about your look that slays me everytime. Especially that first one...like you're looking right thru me. I hate...hate...hate to leave Blake...he's my travel bud...I hope mom and dad get back to bring you by to see Blake on Monday. My first ever Pet Photo Party. it's gonna be once a month...giving away a gift each time to one linkee...this time...a sweet blanket. Hope to see you Dexter...it wouldn't be the same without you... If you don't get back by monday...the link is open for a few days after...

  2. Aww! your doggie is adorable! I wouldn't want to leave him to go on holiday either! :(

  3. I'm just stopping by from Fur Baby Friday to say that your fur baby is so cute.

    Warm Wishes,
    Kate, The Blog Diva



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