Elizabeth Smart

Last Friday I had the opportunity to see Elizabeth Smart speak.  For those of you who don't know who she is, you can find out more here.  She was in Missouri to speak about preventing child abuse and overcoming adversity. I had followed her story and wanted to hear what she had to say. If you ever get the chance to hear her tell her story, you should go. It really made me think about my life. I feel like I live in a safe neighborhood, so did she. She had loving and caring parents, so do I.  It showed me that anything can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. I don't mean to freak people out with this post. It was an eye opener. 

She had amazing style! 
Great tangerine pencil skirt and nude heels. 

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month 

Here are some statistics.  

  • A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds
  • *More than five children die every day as a result of child abuse.2 
  • Approximately 80% of children that die from abuse are under the age of 4. 1
  • It is estimated that between 50-60% of child fatalities due to maltreatment are not recorded as such on death certificates. 3
  • More than 90% of juvenile sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator in some way. 4
  • Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.
  • About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse. 5
  • About 80% of 21 year olds that were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder. 5
  • The estimated annual cost of child abuse and neglect in the United States for 2008 is $124 billion. 6

If you are interested in learning more information on how to prevent child abuse or other statistics you can go here or here.

Whew.... sorry for such a serious blog post. 

More fun will be had tomorrow loves.

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  1. As a teacher, I have had to deal firsthand with child abuse. It is so heartbreaking. Luckily, teachers are required to report child abuse, but it still sometimes takes forever for anything to be done about it :(


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