April Birchbox (link-up)

Linking up today with Tara and Katie for  Birchbox Brag. A couple days ago I said I was dunzo with Birchbox. Well after much thought. I signed back up again today. woot!  Let's hope Ry guy isn't reading this post. If he is "heyy lover".  he he.

Okay so I was less than thrilled with this box. I mean I got a full size product so that was sweet. The other my stuff isn't really my cup of tea. I'm not going to go into long detail about the swag I received. I will show the photos. If you care enough to see what the products are, I will post the card that details this. Sorry for the lame-o post. Its Monday and I'm blah.

There ya have it friends. My Birchbox swag. 

Later loves!


  1. haha. i don't think this was a lame-o post at all. but i agree with the monday thing ... blah.

  2. Oohh that freedom glow beauty balm looks awesome!

  3. This is why I am so on the fence about signing up for Birchbox! You did get some good stuff, though! :)

  4. I haven't seen anyone box with this in it yet! The freedom glow balm looks great!


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