yup, today I'm that girl

I'm wearing the same color eye shadow as my shirt. AWESOME! Not planned. I promise!  This morning I woke up late and thought I would wear this really cute silverish/gray sweater.

I normally wear this

 Eye Shadow

I figured it would look super tacky if I wore gold shadow with a silver cardigan. So I don't have many other colors other than more golds and browns. I did however have some purple. I figured that would be okay. Not my first choice but wearable. 

Insert 10 mintues later when I started to hate the outfit. I was running late (as mentioned above) and threw on a purple turtleneck thingamabob.  As I'm driving to work I check to make sure I don't look like an alien or some strange creature, and notice I have a purple shirt on with purple eye shadow. AWESOME!

exhibit A

Exhibit B
(please excuse the horrid photo.  I was running late and didn't put too much effort into my look today. never again)

So today friends I'm that girl, that girl I always make fun of. Or ends up on the do's and dont's of magazines. 

I hope you will still be my friend. I promise not to make this mistake again.

xoxo loves, 

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  1. Jen! I actually think you look cute!! It is a lighter shade of purple from your top. At least what I can see from the picture. Purple looks good on you!


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