What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm doing my first What I'm loving Wednesday link-up, so here goes in no particular order.

I'm loving that I just received an email that our company will be closing the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This means this girl won't have to use the planned vacay days I had already taken off. Woot! Now I need to find some other days to take off. There could be worse things in life right?? 

I'm loving that it was 81 degress here yesterday, on March 13. I can't even tell you how good 81 felt. Sunshine, flowers blooming, everyone and their mom out walking with their pups. ahh I love Spring! This whole week the temperature is supposed to be at least 75. Can't complain about that. 

I'm loving that Ry finally was offered a job last week. He's been working for a week now and he will get a (small) paycheck on Friday. So excited to go out and celebrate with him. Now, we will be  able to build up our savings for a house when we move back to Minnesota. 


I'm loving that we're headed to Minnesota in a month and a half for Ry's besties wedding. The best part about it, other than seeing friends, family and no work for a couple days, is I'm going to shop till I drop.  Minnesota has a better selection of stores and fashion than they do down here. Plus there is no sales tax on clothing up there, even better. Since I'm too cheap to pay the 50 baggage fee, I'm going to have the new clothes shipped back home. I'm so excited to get some bright, fun, summer clothes. 

I'm loving that in 20 days my mama will be coming down to hang out for a whole week. I can't wait to see her. I haven't seen her since December and this gal is homesick for her mommy. We are going to do some scrap-booking, show her around town and enjoy each others company. 

What are you loving this Wednesday???



  1. Isn't this early spring weather amazing?! WOOHOO! Did you get my email? Talk soon!

  2. yay for Ry's new job! that is awesome! have a fun time celebrating!!!

    we are having amazing weather here too! On Sunday we have 75 degrees!! i am in good weather heaven!!

    and that is so awesome that you do not have to use days off to take that time off!

  3. It's been in the 80's here too! I am so loving it! Bring on the spring temps and sun! :)

  4. YAY for having to find some extra days to take off to holidays! That is a good problem to have. :)

    Dropping by from WILW.

  5. Congrats Ry on your new job!!

    Well you know I can never complain about the weather here, even when it rains a lot.

    I'm loving everything that you're loving & I love how close you & your mom are. My mom & I are just becoming best-friends & it feels oh so good!

    Have fun on that trip! Shop 'til you drop mama!



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