What I'm loving Wednesday #2 (link-up)

Linking-up today with Little Daisy May for WILW.

I'm loving that in two weeks from today I will be picking up my Mama from the airport. I couldn't be more ecstatic that she will be here for a whole week.

I'm loving that I will have five days off to spend with her. Originally I was on supposed to have two off. I received news last week, that I would have two additional days off. I was able to use those extra days when she comes down. WOOT!

I'm loving that Ry is doing great at his new job. He really seems to love it! I couldn't ask for more. 

I'm loving that we've both lost some weight lately. I've lost 15lbs so far, since Christmas. Ry has lost 9 lbs in the past two weeks. We've been really working hard at our fitness and its finally paying off. 

I'm loving that its supposed to be nice and sunny this weekend. We've had TONS of rain since Monday and it's not supposed to let up until Thursday night. I hate rain more than snow,mostly because the dogs hate the rain. This makes for very bored pups. 

I'm loving The Hunger Games, yup on the bandwagon. 

I'm loving that I'm doing a book swap with this pretty gal.   eeep I LOVE BOOKS!

What are you loving this Wednesday? 



  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That is so awesome!! Hope that you get some good weather your way.

    I am glad you jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon! So good :)

  2. You're so sweet! I'm so excited for our book swap... love books, but I love care packages more... I mean a book swap... hehe... wink wink! We've had beautiful weather here so I'll do my best to talk to mother nature and let her know to swing by your way! Talk soon!


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