pretty in pink...er... I mean lime green

On the afternoon of Miss Hailey's 4th birthday her mama had planned a girls day. We were going to hit up Olive Garden for lunch and than head off to the nail salon. I love, love, love going to get my nails did. She was  super excited to go the nail salon with her mama and super cool auntie.

When we got to the salon, Hailey picked out a pretty pink color for her nails. Right before it was her turn to get her nails painted, she did a quick color change to this

I was a little confused on the color change. Hailey is a girly girl. She loves all things pink and purple, well except for her nails of course.

Love this little gal

Having fun!

Excited for her nails to dry

What's your favorite nail color?



  1. And the festivities continue!!!

    Happy Birthday Hailey!!! You guys looked like you had a blast.

    I'm loving her nails!


  2. Aww she is so cute!!! Green nails!! My type of color!!!


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