my current obsessions vol. 4

Okay so I'm back at it again. Sharing My current obessions.


Bond Girl

read more about it here


Cooked carrots. 
I know this sounds weird but I LOVE THEM! I've been on a health kick lately and these just fill me up.


I am in LOVE with this show. The season finale was last night. I have yet to watch it. Don't tell me what happens. 
Army Wives is backkkkk. eep OMG. I haven't watched the show yet either. No spoilers please! I'm trying to avoid reading anything on-line about it. I really want to but can't.




I've been loving this mag as of late. I really find the tips/info helpful. 


I love reading blogs, blogs, blogs. I took a break from blogging for a couple weeks. I came back and there was so much I had missed out on. I love reading about people all across the world and what is going on in their life.


I really can't wait till I am done contract with my current cell phone provider. I'm dying for an IPhone. I just want to have a new IPod, phone, and all the apps. I always have Ry's phone and he might want it back. I really want a white one. I hope they have the IPhone 5 when I go to get my IPhone.


for her new CD to come out. It won't be out till May 1. 

What are you guys loving lately?

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  1. First, I'm not a huge fan of cooked carrots. I love them raw though so you should post a good recipe of how to cook them! Second, cannot wait for Miss Carrie's album!

  2. That is the only way I eat carrots, yum!

    I love Shape magazine too!

    And I am really loving my iPhone , never thought I would .... Hope you get yours soon! I can't imagine how the 5 will be!


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