a little place to call my own

Today, I bought the domain name Dexter Morgan's Mama. I had given it some thought about purchasing the domain after tons of changes with Blogger. I just wanted to know that I had complete control over MY BLOG. I purchased the domain through Go Daddy.  To my surprise, it only cost me 10 buckaroos each year. Not bad if you ask me. I called up and spoke with a customer service gal there and she got everything done for me and transferred. People will still be able to access my blog through Blogger and by typing in blogspot.com

I've been thinking lately about remodeling the blog. I've looked into having people create something special just for me. I like the templates I've seen but I want to have something that nobody else out in Blogland has.  Have any of you worked with anyone in creating a blog just for you? Who would you recommend? Anything I should add, fix or update on this blog?  Any feedback is appreciated!

Now when I tell people I have a blog I don't have to worry about running out of breath explaining how to get to my site. I can tell them "Dexter Morgan's Mama.  Whew. That was easy. 

I don't write this blog for anyone but me. Actually I'm lying, I write for friends and family across the country. This blog keeps them up to date with all of  my happening and photos.  Some people would rather post on Facebook.  I don't really understand all the changes and updates with Facebook lately. I don't bother to post much on there anymore.

I just wanted a little place in the world to call my own. 


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  1. Awww congrats mama! I'm not sure on what advice to give you but have fun with it! I'd say design it to YOUR liking. Forget what anyone else things :P



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