lawn mower love

This weekend was soooo nice, we started working on the yard. When we moved down here last summer it was in August. We had so many projects we wanted to get done inside before the Winter. We let the yard go by the waste side. This weekend we mowed the lawn, weeded, and cut down some trees. Dexter Morgan enjoys being involved in anything. Yard work is no exception. 

I had to get out the camera and take some shots of him while the grass was being mowed. He loves following his Papa around when the mower is going. Now before you freak out, we make sure he is being watched at all times, and Ry knows to look out for him. Funny thing is he is TERRIFIED of the vacuum but loves the lawn mower, go figure. 

He was a little to close to the mower and got grass all over his face

These two are my favorites from this weekend

What is your dog afraid of?



  1. Oh my these pictures are seriously adorable!!! Brutus is also afraid of the vacuum.

  2. He is adorable!!! Izabella is also afraid of the vacuum... Now I'm curious if she is going to be afraid of the lawn mower or not.


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