Fur Baby Friday #2 ( link-up)

I'm going way back for this weeks Fur Baby Friday link up. This is the first photo of Mr. Dexter Morgan that stole my heart.  I couldn't have imagined how much this little man would change my life. 

TGIF Loves~!


  1. OMG gimmie!!!! Too adorable!

  2. Visiting from the link up and I was obviously immediately intrigued when I saw "Dexter Morgan" in the title =). Love it!!!

  3. it happens before we know it doesn't it? i love my little girl Coco and don't remember what life was like before her!

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  4. holy cute puppy. Need to cuddle and kiss the dexter puppy.

    I am so sorry it has taken me a few days to reply to your linkup. Thank you so much for joining in on Fur Baby Friday!


I love hearing from you. Thanks for taking the time to read about Dexter Morgan and his adventures.