The Nail Files-(link-up) #2

The Nail Files

I'm linking up with Tara and Vicky today for The Nail Files.

I'm wearing Julep in Oscar and OPI in Did it on em'.  

xoxo loves-


yup, today I'm that girl

I'm wearing the same color eye shadow as my shirt. AWESOME! Not planned. I promise!  This morning I woke up late and thought I would wear this really cute silverish/gray sweater.

I normally wear this

 Eye Shadow

I figured it would look super tacky if I wore gold shadow with a silver cardigan. So I don't have many other colors other than more golds and browns. I did however have some purple. I figured that would be okay. Not my first choice but wearable. 

Insert 10 mintues later when I started to hate the outfit. I was running late (as mentioned above) and threw on a purple turtleneck thingamabob.  As I'm driving to work I check to make sure I don't look like an alien or some strange creature, and notice I have a purple shirt on with purple eye shadow. AWESOME!

exhibit A

Exhibit B
(please excuse the horrid photo.  I was running late and didn't put too much effort into my look today. never again)

So today friends I'm that girl, that girl I always make fun of. Or ends up on the do's and dont's of magazines. 

I hope you will still be my friend. I promise not to make this mistake again.

xoxo loves, 


nail call

Ha! Nail call. I received some great polishes in the mail this week.  I wanted to share some of my new favorites with you.

First, my Mama's bestie from work sent me these two beauties, Essie-Turquoise & Cacios and Sew Psyched.

I love the OPI mini sets and this one was no exception.  The NYC Ballet Collection. The mini set includes MY POINTE EXACTLY, DON'T TOUCH MY TUTU, CARE TO DANSE, PIROUETE MY WHISTLE

I had to try out the colors. I used three coats of MY POINTE EXACTLY and one coat of  PIROUETE MY WHISTLE.  

The result.

What nail colors have you bought lately?


my current obsessions vol. 5

More obsessions to share with you!


Yup, totally on the bandwagon. I have yet to see the movie. I've heard such good things about it. Waiting for Ry to finish book 1 so we can go see the film.  Excited to start reading the other two.


Granola bars, yum oh m gee. I could eat these all day long. I prefer the s'mores or chocolate chip ones.

TV Show

Anything on the ID (investigation discovery) channel. Beyond obsessed! Every night Ry comes home from work and its on. I'm watching some program about how love went wrong and the one spouse killed the other. Morbid I know. I just don't know why they wouldn't just get a divorce. Luckily, I've suckered Ry into watching it on Saturday nights after all the yard work is done. 


I haven't listened to much music as of late. I've been listening to audio books on my way to work. Lame, I know. I just love books so much I want to be able to read all of them.


As cheesey as it sounds, US Weekly has me roped in again. I hadn't read very many as of late. Than last weekend I read about 10. 


Home improvement, painting, yard work, you name it. Making our house look awesome!


My mama will be here in one week. EEEep! So excited!

personal photo

What are your obsessions this week?

***Please note, all images are taken from Google, unless noted***


March Birchbox (link-up)

Time for the March Birchbox link up with Tara and Katie. This month I went with the Teen Vogue box. I saw that Essie products would be featured. SOLD!  

This is what I got

essie® Luxeffects Nail Polish 

"Looking like a disco ball in public is a major don't, which is why we tend to tread softly when it comes to adding shimmer to our looks. After much trial and error (and a few sequin-related disasters), we've discovered that the best way to wear sparkle is on our nails. Enter essie®'s new range of Luxeffects top coats. Worn solo or layered, these multi-dimensional polishes will make you look, feel, and shine like a million bucks."

tarte LipSurgence™ lip tint 

"It took us a while to learn how to draw inside the lines, but our childhood addiction to coloring books is finally paying off. These user-friendly chubby lip pencils are a goofproof way to lasting, moisturizing color. A cross between a stain and a gloss, each gel-based tint goes on sheer yet stays true for hours. The wearable shades include peaceful, a beige-toned neutral tint; lucky, a soft pink matte tint; and joy, a juicy peach tint. Naturally, our favorite is amused, a bright fuchsia tint."

Twistband Hair Ties 

"Back in the day, we used to rock scrunchies like they were our job. But now that we’re grown-ups (kind of), it’s time to graduate to something a bit more sophisticated. These chic hair ties keep hair secure without snagging strands or leaving ugly creases. Best of all, they look as good on our wrists as they do in our ponytail." 

Kérastase Elixir Ultime

It took us a while to hop on the hair oil bandwagon, but boy were we missing out. This lightweight elixir is fortified with a unique combo of four essential oils to leave strands super shiny and manageable—whether your hair is curly, straight, or in between. Plus, we can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment or leave-in conditioner. What more can a girl ask for? 

kate spade new york Twirl

kate spade new york’s charming designs are meant to be playful, feminine, and joyful — the same goes for the brand’s signature scent. Attention-getting without being overpowering, Twirl is an incredibly versatile fragrance. The fruity floral is as suitable for the office as it is for a cocktail party. And just like everything else in the kate spade new york universe, Twirl makes you feel instantly more pulled together and ladylike.

What did you get in your Birchbox?



Fur Baby Friday #3 (link-up)

I took a ton of photos last weekend when we did yard work.  Somehow, I missed this cute shot of Mr. Morgan. I'm pretty sure he is saying "Hi Mama".



What I'm loving Wednesday #2 (link-up)

Linking-up today with Little Daisy May for WILW.

I'm loving that in two weeks from today I will be picking up my Mama from the airport. I couldn't be more ecstatic that she will be here for a whole week.

I'm loving that I will have five days off to spend with her. Originally I was on supposed to have two off. I received news last week, that I would have two additional days off. I was able to use those extra days when she comes down. WOOT!

I'm loving that Ry is doing great at his new job. He really seems to love it! I couldn't ask for more. 

I'm loving that we've both lost some weight lately. I've lost 15lbs so far, since Christmas. Ry has lost 9 lbs in the past two weeks. We've been really working hard at our fitness and its finally paying off. 

I'm loving that its supposed to be nice and sunny this weekend. We've had TONS of rain since Monday and it's not supposed to let up until Thursday night. I hate rain more than snow,mostly because the dogs hate the rain. This makes for very bored pups. 

I'm loving The Hunger Games, yup on the bandwagon. 

I'm loving that I'm doing a book swap with this pretty gal.   eeep I LOVE BOOKS!

What are you loving this Wednesday? 



March Julep Maven Box

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Julep, its a similar concept to Birchbox. I pay 20 buckaroos a month and receive fabulous nail polish and beauty aide.  The Feburuary box was pretty amazing. The March box was no exception. Here are the goodies I received:

These two great colors 

Brooke & Jennifer

The Elixir is amazing for your skin, hair, and cuticles. I've been using this twice a day on my face and I've noticed how much more my skin has improved. Best part is that your pours don't clog up from the use of the oil. Ahhhhmazing!

If you are interested in trying out Julep for a month let me know, I have a fantastic coupon for new members. Email me at dextermorgansmama@gmail.com

What beauty products are you loving lately?



lawn mower love

This weekend was soooo nice, we started working on the yard. When we moved down here last summer it was in August. We had so many projects we wanted to get done inside before the Winter. We let the yard go by the waste side. This weekend we mowed the lawn, weeded, and cut down some trees. Dexter Morgan enjoys being involved in anything. Yard work is no exception. 

I had to get out the camera and take some shots of him while the grass was being mowed. He loves following his Papa around when the mower is going. Now before you freak out, we make sure he is being watched at all times, and Ry knows to look out for him. Funny thing is he is TERRIFIED of the vacuum but loves the lawn mower, go figure. 

He was a little to close to the mower and got grass all over his face

These two are my favorites from this weekend

What is your dog afraid of?



The Nail Files-(link-up)

The Nail Files

Today I'm doing my first link-up with Tara and Vicky for the Nail Files. As many of you know I lovelovelove nail polish. 
For a couple days now I've been sportin'  OPI Fly from the Nicki Minaj, and Rainbow Connection from the Muppets collection. I love it! 

TGIF Loves!

What are you plans for this weekend?



a little place to call my own

Today, I bought the domain name Dexter Morgan's Mama. I had given it some thought about purchasing the domain after tons of changes with Blogger. I just wanted to know that I had complete control over MY BLOG. I purchased the domain through Go Daddy.  To my surprise, it only cost me 10 buckaroos each year. Not bad if you ask me. I called up and spoke with a customer service gal there and she got everything done for me and transferred. People will still be able to access my blog through Blogger and by typing in blogspot.com

I've been thinking lately about remodeling the blog. I've looked into having people create something special just for me. I like the templates I've seen but I want to have something that nobody else out in Blogland has.  Have any of you worked with anyone in creating a blog just for you? Who would you recommend? Anything I should add, fix or update on this blog?  Any feedback is appreciated!

Now when I tell people I have a blog I don't have to worry about running out of breath explaining how to get to my site. I can tell them "Dexter Morgan's Mama.  Whew. That was easy. 

I don't write this blog for anyone but me. Actually I'm lying, I write for friends and family across the country. This blog keeps them up to date with all of  my happening and photos.  Some people would rather post on Facebook.  I don't really understand all the changes and updates with Facebook lately. I don't bother to post much on there anymore.

I just wanted a little place in the world to call my own. 



What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm doing my first What I'm loving Wednesday link-up, so here goes in no particular order.

I'm loving that I just received an email that our company will be closing the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This means this girl won't have to use the planned vacay days I had already taken off. Woot! Now I need to find some other days to take off. There could be worse things in life right?? 

I'm loving that it was 81 degress here yesterday, on March 13. I can't even tell you how good 81 felt. Sunshine, flowers blooming, everyone and their mom out walking with their pups. ahh I love Spring! This whole week the temperature is supposed to be at least 75. Can't complain about that. 

I'm loving that Ry finally was offered a job last week. He's been working for a week now and he will get a (small) paycheck on Friday. So excited to go out and celebrate with him. Now, we will be  able to build up our savings for a house when we move back to Minnesota. 


I'm loving that we're headed to Minnesota in a month and a half for Ry's besties wedding. The best part about it, other than seeing friends, family and no work for a couple days, is I'm going to shop till I drop.  Minnesota has a better selection of stores and fashion than they do down here. Plus there is no sales tax on clothing up there, even better. Since I'm too cheap to pay the 50 baggage fee, I'm going to have the new clothes shipped back home. I'm so excited to get some bright, fun, summer clothes. 

I'm loving that in 20 days my mama will be coming down to hang out for a whole week. I can't wait to see her. I haven't seen her since December and this gal is homesick for her mommy. We are going to do some scrap-booking, show her around town and enjoy each others company. 

What are you loving this Wednesday???



pretty in pink...er... I mean lime green

On the afternoon of Miss Hailey's 4th birthday her mama had planned a girls day. We were going to hit up Olive Garden for lunch and than head off to the nail salon. I love, love, love going to get my nails did. She was  super excited to go the nail salon with her mama and super cool auntie.

When we got to the salon, Hailey picked out a pretty pink color for her nails. Right before it was her turn to get her nails painted, she did a quick color change to this

I was a little confused on the color change. Hailey is a girly girl. She loves all things pink and purple, well except for her nails of course.

Love this little gal

Having fun!

Excited for her nails to dry

What's your favorite nail color?



Pump it Up

A while back I told you guys about the biggest social event this year. My niece's 4th birthday shindig. Turning 4 is pretty important, as I learned that weekend. For her birthday the whole family and bunches of friends headed to Pump it Up. If you've never heard of Pump it Up, you're missing out. Pump it Up has large inflated castles, slides, climbing walls, etc. They inflate everything which makes it all more fun. 

the birthday gal and me

 Uncle Ryan having some fun!

I think the adults had more fun

Funny Faces!!!

presents, and more presents

her Princess and the Frog cake

What was your most enjoyable birthday???