Valentine's Day Swap

A couple weeks back I stumbled upon this fun blog offering a Valentine's Day swap.  I love anything Valentine's Day so of course I signed up. The details of the swap were: you would get matched up with a fellow blogger, exchange an email about your likes/interests, and spend under 10 before shipping.

Thanks to Melanie for this amazing package of goodies! There was also some yummie candy, suckers, and some fun glittery pencils. WOOT!

If you've been a blog follower, you know my nail polish obsession

I love, love, love make-up bags so this will be a nice addition to my collection.


  1. you got spoiled! love that nail polish!

  2. oooooh those nail polish colors are amazing!

  3. I looove those polishes! Such great colors!

  4. I LOVE that bright red Essie polish! How cute! What great goodies you got!! Thank you for participating in our swap! I'm happy that you had so much fun with it!!!

    Also, I'm a Dexter momma too :) LOVE IT!! Except my Dexter is a little red head kitty who resembles Michael C. Hall in a weird, feline sort of way. I'd say your Dexter resembles him in a doggie sort of way. LOL

    1. I love meeting another Dexter Mama. I will have to check out your blog for some kitty photos of Dexter :)


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