they finally have a home

I have a nail polish obsession. A very bad one.  I hated that I had been storing them in a cardboard box in the corner. I have seen some creative ways to display nail polish on Pinterest.  The best way I saw to display them, is by using a spice rack.

Thankfully, Ry's dad was nice enough to get me this guy

I think I may need a couple more. I know I won't be able to turn down nail polish. 


  1. so cute! and wow, you def. have a lot of nail polish!

    i think i only have 6 colors, haha. but that might be because i hate doing my nails on my own ... i really want to start doing my own nails. they do say that practice makes perfect.

  2. I've lost so many nail polishes because I don't have anywhere to store them. This is genius! Not to mention cute!

  3. I have some more polish that didn't even fit on the shelf. whoops! Since we moved to a small town its hard to find a good place to do your nails. I always had mine done before. I found that I had to watch some tutorials on youtube.com and read lots of articles in magazines and it seemed to help so I don't have one pretty nail and one jacked up lookin' nail! Ha! The spice rack was only about $15 dollars on amazon. whoot!

  4. That is such a great idea. And wow, you have a lot of nail polish!

  5. nice stuff!!! a really organized nail polishes... and you are really obsessed with nail polishes sweetie... nice collection!!! great blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!

  6. Wow! I'm so stealing this idea!


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