so we're official

yup, the title says it all. No, not engaged... (yet).  Yesterday we finally went to the DMV down in Missoura. We got new license plates and Ry got his new Driver's License.

Herbie (my car) didn't want to let go of Minny. I don't blame him.

Someone loves the car a little too much.

We had to get our car inspected before it was official, official.

Yup, we're residents. 

Missouri didn't want to stay on. I'm pretty sure this is a sign. 


  1. YAY! that is awesome! and that picture of Dexter is too cute! Our dog is finally beginning to love the car ... she knows it means that she is going somewhere :)

  2. Ha I wish I could get Dexter to not love the car as much as he does. We open the door to the garage to take the trash and he tries to jump into the car. Even with the door not being open. so silly! He just loves to be in the car its just odd to me! Glad your pup is finally liking the car. I always feel bad for the dogs that freak out about being in the car. so sad!


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