My Funny Valentine

This year we decided to go all out for Valentine's Day. We didn't do anything last year so we had a year to make up for. As much as Ry talks about how Valentine's Day is  "a Hallmark holiday", or" its stupid". or "its just another way for people to get sucked into spending money", he kinda got into it this year.

We had seen this huge cards at the gas station last week.  We laughed, made fun of them, called them stupid and talked about what idiots would buy them. Well  yup, you guessed it my idiot bought me one. HA!

He also got me 

I won't bore you with the contents inside the box.  However, I will share the card and the inside of the card.

If you happen to notice his personalized message to me "I love you like a fat kid loves cake."  Yup, that's how we do. HA!

I purchased some pretty cool gifts for him, if I do say so myself.

This new book from his favorite author Vince Flynn.  He told me this morning he stayed up and read 
166 pages since I had went to bed. EEP!

I also ordered him the new Tucker Max book. It won't be here till Saturday, he'll just have to wait.

Hilarity Ensues

annddd of course some Golden Gopher flair. He lost his Gopher lanyard last week at the gym. boo! So being the amazing mama she is, she bought one in Minneapolis and sent it down to me. Love her!

Lastly, we purchased tickets to see Ralphie May.

Ralphie May at the Gillioz

We ordered some take out and watched Glee. A pretty good night.

I still have a couple tricks up my sleeve. I think he does too. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's with whoever they love.

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  1. Awwww!!! Pretty cool stuff! The honey doesn't really celebrate it but I'm a romantic. This year we actually didn't see each other until late. When he left work, I was at work & would be at the office until later that night so I cooked him dinner & mixed him a special drink. I had indeed gotten him a gift but it won't here until Friday but shhh it's still a secret!


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