a little Dexter Morgan photo shoot

We spent last night packing for our weekend trip to see our niece for her 4th birthday. I am so excited to see our family this weekend. Get ready for picture overload on Monday. We not only have to pack for us, but we have 5 four legged friends to pack for. Dexter isn't the only pup in the house. We are watching Ry's dad's five miniature schnauzers temporarily. I think packing for five dogs is more work than packing for us.  I made sure that we had the food, toys, treats and of course the leashes.  Dexter Morgan really enjoys his walks and his leash. He wouldn't let me pack his leash in the puppy bag. I figured it would make for a fun mini photo session. 

Here is the handsome pup and his leash and Lola the Lamb. Lola was one of his very first toys. Lucky for us Petsmart sells new Lola's every Spring. I can't tell you how many Lola's we've bought.

Silly dog

Dexter and his sad face when he found out we weren't going for a walk at 10pm.

A couple fun photos of Dexter just playing around.

I love that you can kind of see his teeth.

Dexter ready for bed after playing with his leash for a good half hour.


  1. Oooo Mr. Morgan you are quite the model!

    I know what you mean about those toys! I've bought countless amounts of toys for Baileah only to be ragged to pieces & dragged around the house.

    I hope you guys have loads of fun this weekend! Can't wait for the photos. xx

  2. Haha, awww sweet pictures!! I swear, Brutus does some of those same things when playing around! Too cute!

  3. Haha he is so cute! He seems so, so fun!!!

  4. P.S I tagged you in a recent post hun.

    Check it out: http://ayeshacharlton.blogspot.com/2012/02/red-light-green-lightoops.html


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