day dreaming of my weekend...

I'm pretty excited to have a three day weekend this weekend. I have Monday off for President's Day. WOOT!

This upcoming weekend is already jam packed and it hasn't even started yet. I have to say I'm pretty stoked about all the fun Ry and I will have.


After work I'm going to try out a  Mexican restaurant  in town for some din din with a friend. YUM!

Poor Ry will be stuck at home shampooing the carpet. Its been rainy and bleh here for the past couple weeks and the dogs have been big four legged balls of dirt-yuk! All that dirt has managed to accumulate on my living room floor.

****Note-not my dogs****

I never take photos of the muddy mess, since I'm too busy trying to clean it up!


In the morning we're going to paint our guest room, well more like Ry will be painting it. Believe me I really want to help him, he just gets into his groove (while painting) and doesn't let me help. I guess I can't complain, I will be there to be his assistant.

We've picked out a color similar to this:

Paint color-(Amherst Gray) of Lizzie Carney's home
We're going to attempt for the bedroom to look like this

"Porpoise" by Behr.  Paint color for N's big boy room.  Solid on 3 walls, 14" white/grey stripes on back bed wall.  Time to start painting!

The walls will be a solid grey with yellow and black accents.

Maybe while he's painting the guest room I can work on something like this

     multi photo, photo-wall

After Ry works his tail off, we'll spend Saturday night watching these movies:

Well at least that's the plan. I hope to get through all of them, but we'll see. 


Wake up and cook an amazing breakfast, read the comics, and hang out. Later on Ry's dad is coming down to visit us. I am uber excited! I love when his dad comes down. His dad is just so funny. 


 maybe clear out my Tivo

White Collar

or perhaps stay in bed and catch up on my reading

  I still have 46 more books to go.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Too bad we don't celebrate President's Day here, I can sure use another day off!

    Love your ideas for the house! I'm sure they're going to look great!

    As for those movies, can I come & curl up with you guys lol. I won't make any noise or squeal when I see Jacob I promise!

  2. HA HA anytime you want to come and watch a movie you can darlin'.

    That's right that you wouldn't celebrate Presidents Day down there. What holidays do you guys have down there, that we don't in the states?

    I will post photos of the finished room when we are done.

    What are you doing this weekend girlie?

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog!! (and being a follower of it!)

    sounds like a great weekend is in store :)

    my nail polish is from that opi collection of america's cities. and thanks for the book recommendation!

    your blog is great!

    happy weekend!


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