my son the model-

Sorry friends that I've been a little MIA lately. I have just been bogged down with stuff and haven't been in the mood to blog much. However, today I got the email proofs from Dexter's modeling shoot. You can see his first photos here.

Here are a couple of my favs:

Big thanks again to U-turn studios for being awesome and amazing to work with. If you want to see all of his photos just email me at dextermorgansmama@gmail.com.  Due to copy right laws I can't post them on Facebook or anymore on the blog.

Have a good day loves!


new favorite app

A lot of people have been blogging about IPHONES and fun IPHONE apps. I really like the Sketch app. It turns your photos into fun sketches. 

Here are a couple of the sketches
Mr. Dexter Morgan

my nephew

Dexter looking out the window

Dexter and Hooter

Dexter in his Minnesota Golden Gophers collar

What IPHONE apps are you loving?

a little Dexter Morgan photo shoot

We spent last night packing for our weekend trip to see our niece for her 4th birthday. I am so excited to see our family this weekend. Get ready for picture overload on Monday. We not only have to pack for us, but we have 5 four legged friends to pack for. Dexter isn't the only pup in the house. We are watching Ry's dad's five miniature schnauzers temporarily. I think packing for five dogs is more work than packing for us.  I made sure that we had the food, toys, treats and of course the leashes.  Dexter Morgan really enjoys his walks and his leash. He wouldn't let me pack his leash in the puppy bag. I figured it would make for a fun mini photo session. 

Here is the handsome pup and his leash and Lola the Lamb. Lola was one of his very first toys. Lucky for us Petsmart sells new Lola's every Spring. I can't tell you how many Lola's we've bought.

Silly dog

Dexter and his sad face when he found out we weren't going for a walk at 10pm.

A couple fun photos of Dexter just playing around.

I love that you can kind of see his teeth.

Dexter ready for bed after playing with his leash for a good half hour.


Mister Postman, please look and see if there's a letter in your bag for me

Last night I felt like a child on Christmas morning. I received three packages in the mail. I love receiving things in the mail other than bills. Boo!

I knew that my Mama would be sending me a package filled with stickers, paper and other goods for scrap-booking. What I had forgotten was that I had signed up for another service similar to Birchbox, it's called Julep.  As we know I have an obsession with nail polish.  This monthly service will only help me feed my addiction to nail polish. 

Here is a little snip it from the website about what the Julep offers:

Your customized beauty editor Sneak Peek Box:

Being a Maven, gives you exclusive access to COLOR!  You get it first, and YOU decide how often you want to receive your beauty editor Sneak Peek Box

For just $19.99 a month, you'll receive over $40 worth of trendsetting polish colors and cutting-edge treatment products each month customized in a gift-able Sneak Peek Box

Each Sneak Peek Box features new, never before released colors and treatments FIRST to you, before anyone else

Your box also includes hits and cult favorites - the products we like to keep on the top of editors' minds

20% off all julep.com purchases
FREE shipping on ALL your purchases
Each box also comes with a surprise and delight element- something to look forward to!
Receive additional membership perks throughout the year

Well I got my first box yesterday, and it did not disappoint!  The theme of the February box was the Oscars. I love everything about the Oscars, the movies, the glam, the actors, the awards, everything.  

I haven't tried out the nail polish yet, I will review the polish once I've used it. This morning I used the Julep hair Topcoat it smells amazing! I will have to see how it holds up all day.

They even included a chocolate Oscar. Loved it! It was such a fun box to open and it was packaged so perfectly. I can't wait to receive my March box.

On to the next box, Birchbox sent me this fabulous trial of skin care. This box was sent to me free of charge, in addition to my monthly box. SCORE!

I've only used a couple of the products so far, but I do love them. I will review them once I have used them for a while.

Last but not least. My Mama's box of scrapbook items was awesome! She also sent some more of these beauties for me.WOOT!

What fun things have you received in the mail lately?


I'm gonna be a big sister....

yup, a big sister. No my mama isn't preggers. ha!

I received my official letter from the organziation Big Brothers/Big Sisters that I was accepted into the program. I am so excited to get matched with a little sister. I love the idea of being able to make a difference in the life of a young person. I will fill you guys in with more details ( as much as I can) when I receive them.


Birchbox Brag (Link-up)

If you haven't heard of Birchbox you're missing out. 

What is Birchbox you ask? 

**Every month, you'll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty samples from luxury brands. Each month will include a different mix of product types, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair care. All samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they're right for you. You'll also want to take advantage of Birchbox.com, which is packed with all the beauty information and tips you need, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and fun videos.**

**please note, all product descriptions taken from birchbox.com**

A couple days ago I received my very first shipment from them. I was so excited to open it! It did not disappoint. I noticed that a blog I follow was going to have a link up. I love link ups.

 Here are the goodies I received:

Welcome to Birchbox!

I felt like a child on Christmas Day, so excited to see my goodies.

As much as we love winged liner, we’re not so crazy about how much effort it usually requires. Shaky wrists and runny liquid formulas conspire to drain our time and energy, which is why we’re glad we discovered these handy stick-on appliques. Each pack comes with four different designs, ranging from classic cat eyes to bold runway-inspired styles."

A music download. I love finding new artists.

I love, love, love this perfume!

These are some great things I love to have but would never buy at the store.

Show Stoppers

Each foam adhesive adheres to a variety of fabrics and has over eight hours of sticking power. You can conceal awkward straps, create your own flawless hem, or prop up a strapless bra. Lucky for you, the durable nude and black strips come in 24-packs: you’ll have plenty on hand to help prevent fashion faux pas.

The cute little pink tube is lip gloss. Love it!

In our universe, fuchsia rules. This one-of-a-kind shade looks ultra-pigmented in the tube but goes on surprisingly sheer (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of color payoff). Beyond the look-at-me shade, the formula is packed with moisturizing shea butter and jojoba seed oil to moisturize, plus vitamins A, C, and E to heal cracks and flakiness. We love how the mid-size vial takes up minimal space in our favorite clutch.

What did you get in your Birchbox?


why the sad face??

Mr. Dexter Morgan gets a little sad when I leave for work. Actually he gets a lot sad. I hate having to leave him, but the bills don't pay themselves.  Lucky for him he gets to play with his Papa all day long.



day dreaming of my weekend...

I'm pretty excited to have a three day weekend this weekend. I have Monday off for President's Day. WOOT!

This upcoming weekend is already jam packed and it hasn't even started yet. I have to say I'm pretty stoked about all the fun Ry and I will have.


After work I'm going to try out a  Mexican restaurant  in town for some din din with a friend. YUM!

Poor Ry will be stuck at home shampooing the carpet. Its been rainy and bleh here for the past couple weeks and the dogs have been big four legged balls of dirt-yuk! All that dirt has managed to accumulate on my living room floor.

****Note-not my dogs****

I never take photos of the muddy mess, since I'm too busy trying to clean it up!


In the morning we're going to paint our guest room, well more like Ry will be painting it. Believe me I really want to help him, he just gets into his groove (while painting) and doesn't let me help. I guess I can't complain, I will be there to be his assistant.

We've picked out a color similar to this:

Paint color-(Amherst Gray) of Lizzie Carney's home
We're going to attempt for the bedroom to look like this

"Porpoise" by Behr.  Paint color for N's big boy room.  Solid on 3 walls, 14" white/grey stripes on back bed wall.  Time to start painting!

The walls will be a solid grey with yellow and black accents.

Maybe while he's painting the guest room I can work on something like this

     multi photo, photo-wall

After Ry works his tail off, we'll spend Saturday night watching these movies:

Well at least that's the plan. I hope to get through all of them, but we'll see. 


Wake up and cook an amazing breakfast, read the comics, and hang out. Later on Ry's dad is coming down to visit us. I am uber excited! I love when his dad comes down. His dad is just so funny. 


 maybe clear out my Tivo

White Collar

or perhaps stay in bed and catch up on my reading

  I still have 46 more books to go.

What are your weekend plans?