Scrap-bookin' Saturday night

This weekend was pretty low key. I really hate having a mile long to-do list on the weekends. Thankfully, Ry took care of everything during the week.

That meant we had some extra time on our hands this weekend. I was really in the mood to organize stuff. I organized my closet, my photos, and my scrap- booking supplies. While organizing I decide I should do some scrap-booking.

 I asked Ry to sit and talk to me while I was trying to finish a small one I had created.

Well shockingly he started to put some photos on a piece of paper and scrap-book. (Sorry honey I hope they don't take away your man card.) HA!

Even Dex got in on the fun!

The creative juices were flowing with the help of this

Finished product


  1. wow, you were certainly productive! i need to do some scrapbooking but i just never make the time for it.

    your pup is just too adorable!

    have a great week!

  2. cute blog, girl! i love scrapbooking :)

    now folllowing!




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