I still have nine years to figure this out

 Yesterday, I mentioned that I turned 30 a couple weeks back. Ick, I hate saying that outloud. I hate thinking it. I hate writing it. Most of all I hate everything about 30 so far. Ahhhh too be young again.

The only fun thing was that I got to have a fabulous birthday dinner in Minneapolis with 20 some of my closest friends and family. Thank you everyone for coming out, and celebrating me turning old with some amazing food and martinis.

My friends even came with gifts, which wasn't necessary but always fun. I got tons of goodies: Barnes and Noble gift card, Target gift cards, Macy's gift card, lots of fun photo gifts, a couple bottles of alcohol, some AMAZING martini glasses, and an Itunes gift card.

Some of the great people in my life I got to share my big day with

My love


I do have to say that it was probably the best birthday I've had so far. Maybe being in my 30s won't be so bad after all. I still have nine years to figure this out.

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