I miss you

I am missing so very much about Minnesota. I just hate being away from home. It's 10 hours by car, a couple less by plane. I miss my mama, brother, Ry's family and our friends.

I also really miss:

SNOW. Weird I know. I've heard there isn't much in Minnesota, but still they have the better chance to get snow there, than here.

Ry's car last year in MN

Dexter enjoying snow in MN (2010)

LOCAL NEWS STATIONS/ANCHORS:  Down here they have some different kinds of characters hosting the news. They don't seem as engaging, polished, and likable as they do up there. I hate watching the news down here, and I hate that I hate it. I always watched the news every night in Minneapolis.

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS: There aren't really any teams I like down here. Of course at home the Minnesota Timberwolves (or Timberpups as I like to call them) are doing pretty well. They have some pretty attractive players to watch, which doesn't hurt.

Ricky Rubio
Derrick Willams
Kevin Love
Ahh. Need I say more?

Wild hockey had been doing pretty well for a minute at least. Then somehow they lost seven games in a row. Still, I miss watching Wild hockey.

I miss Gopher hockey and basketball. Sometimes we are lucky and get to watch the basketball team on the Big 10 network. No hockey though. This makes me sad.

TARGET: Gawd I miss Target. We have one down here. It's 45 minutes to get there and it's always busy.

THRIFT STORES/GOODWILL: We have them down here but they are all a mess and gross. They are uber unorganized, and never have what I'm looking for. BOOKS! Books in nice condition and books that aren't 100 years old or The Bible.  Nothing against either, but I can't keep reading the Bible over and over.

MY MOM AND HER SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES:  She has 102152120541561202345621032132141 billion pieces of paper, stickers, embellishments, stamps, paint, markers, and so on. I wish she was here so we could do arts and crafts together. I have found so many wonderful things on Pinterest that I know she would just love.

THE DOG PARK: "DP" for short. Dexter loves that place. He goes crazy when we drive down the street to get there. Here they have a DP, but it's not fenced in. Now I know he would come back to us, but it's on a street that looks busy every time we drive by. I don't want to risk it.

THE PEOPLE: I'm not just talking about our friends and family, but the people at the gas station, the employees at the stores we like in the mall, the lady who delivered our mail, the people who stop to talk to you about the weather while you're out walking the dog. I miss the "Minnesota Nice" attitude. I've heard that some people in Minnesota don't think it's true, but let me tell you; IT IS. I miss the way people drive in Minneapolis. I never thought I would say that, I miss the fact that people go the speed limit or over, that they stop on red lights ( here, people drive on through), and the way the are able to take turns at a four way stop.

MY SPRAY TANNING SALON: Down here they haven't gotten the message about skin cancer. Or maybe they have and they just don't care. I just want to have a place close to home to do my spray tan. Luckily our gym has a mystic tanning bed.  Unfortunately, the gym is a ways away from our little town. boo!

THE AMOUNT OF MALLS AND STORES:  We have one mall down here. I know they couldn't have more than one based on the size of the cities and towns. I still hate it. I hate that there is only one Barnes & Noble, TJMAXX, Marshall's, or Macy's.  The list goes on and on. I'm so spoiled with having grown up with multiple stores around me.

KNOWING WHERE THINGS ARE:  I hate that I get lost. I get lost a lot. In Minneapolis I would know exactly where I was going and where things were.  I knew which gas station was on the corner. I knew where the closest Target was.  People would call me when they were lost and I could give them directions. Here I never know where I am, or where I'm going. I take exit after exit trying to find the place I want to go. Not fun.

CONCERTS: Being in a major music market, concerts came to Minneapolis, good ones, and often. Here I am missing out on the fun shows going on in Minneapolis. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan is the one I am most sad about. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw upsets me too. I don't have anyone to enjoy these shows with even if they did come here. Ry doesn't exactly share the love of country music. So I guess I will have to wait on concerts till I move back.

Only a couple more months till I go back. Until then I will dream about snow, the dog park, Target, the malls, my mom, scrap-booking with her, going to country concerts, Gopher hockey and basketball, the Timberpups, the Wild and good looking news anchors.


  1. Awww, how long have you been in MO (I think that's correct)? Getting used to a place is definitely hard! Sorry you're feeling homesick..hopefully it will get better =)

  2. aww, i hope things get better ... i don't know how i would do without all the things i love so kudos for you for bearing it. hope the couple of months go quickly for you too ... before you know it you'll be home, browsing through a Target with a smile on your face. i know that Target always makes me smile :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I've been down here for 4-5 month or so. Only 12-16 more months or so to go. Target is seriously the best place in the world. ha!


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