Free food, yes please!

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday, it was my 30th birthday. I am still trying to get over saying that. It's not getting any easier. Anywho, the good thing about having a birthday is free birthday food! For any of you that don't know about this, if you go to restaurant websites (local and national), you can sign up for their e-club,and they will send you an email for free food on your birthday. How easy is that. I had numerous birthday coupons this year. I had a goal of taking a photo at all the places we ate at.

However, my birthday is around the holidays and we just didn't quite have time to go to too many places and eat for free. We did however go to Fuddruckers and Famous Dave's. We didn't get the best quality of photos, please forgive me for that. I'm a sucker for a great burger and fries, especially the mini burgers.


Ry excited to eat!

When back up in Minny for the holidays, our first night was spent with my mama and brother at Famous Dave's. Yum! I seriously love that place. They have my second favorite cheeseburger of all time. Of course I forgot to take photos of the food. I was so hungry to eat!

My Mama

The Gang!

I made sure we took a photo by every Christmas tree I saw.

Hopefully next year I will get to use more than two free food certificates. I hope to use the 20+ I received.

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