Cooking in the Kitchen

I'm way behind in posting from last year. I took a much needed break from blogging, internet searching, and Facebook for the last two weeks of the year. Now I'm scrambling to get up to date with all the photos, and postings I've meant to share.

This year when we moved to Missouri, we didn't bring a lot of kitchen items with us. We figured we would just get new stuff when we moved down here. We had a hodgepoge of things from both households.

We made it clear to most of our relatives that we needed this stuff. They came through.
We finally got some adult cooking dishes, pots&pans, and cooking utensils. I forgot to take a photo of the box with the pots& pans, so I had to search the internet for them.

They are amazing! Ry and I fight over who gets to cook at night.

A friend gave me a gift card to Macy's for my 30th birthday. We had talked about what we would use the gift card on, we both decided that we didn't really need anything. We meandered around Macy's for a while, when we finally spotted the Pyrex set. On price tag showed $49.99 and the other $59.99. Lucky for us they did the right thing and gave it to us for the $49.99 price.

Lastly, the bestie knew that we needed kitchen stuff. She was nice enough to get us her favorite kitchen utensils. They are Ah-MAY-Zing!  Since she lives a couple states away and the Post Office around the holidays is a ZOO! She ordered them from Walmart.com, did the fancy ship to store and I was able to pick them up at a store right by my house. This way it saved her time and money from having to pay for shipping twice and stand in line at the Post Office. WIN WIN!

All in all it was a pretty good Christmas, with great gifts. Even though, as I get older and older, it's really not about the gifts and more and more about the time with family.

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  1. i got a pyrex set from my parents in law on Christmas too ... i absolutely love it!

    looks like you had a great Christmas! cute pictures!


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