12 in 12

Okay so, I haven't done a recap of 2011, but I'm already thinking of the top 12 things I want to do/accomplish in 2012. These are in no particular order.

1.) Read 50 books this year. Whew, this could be tough. With a new job and trying to get back into shape this could be more than I can chew. I hope not. It just means I have to read 1.4 books a week. eep. scary to think about when I see that. With so many books to catch up on and new books coming out. I can do this.

2.) Lose weight, as I'm getting into my 30's (ish) its going to be harder for me to lose weight, I've read and heard from my DR. I need to get down to a good healthy weight. Good thing is I didn't gain weight over the holidays. We we so busy seeing people, talking and having fun, we didn't really stop to eat that much. Since November I'm down 7 lbs. I'll take that for a good start.

3.) Go on a real vacay with Ry. It will be two year in May that we've been together. However, we have yet to take a real vacation together. We did to go here which doesn't really count. And it's Wisconsin, double ish!  I don't care if we go to Disney World, or out West for a road trip, on a cruise, to the beach. Anywhere. Seriously! I need to start planning this.

4.) Pay off my car and other bills. I know everyone wants to get better with money and pay off bills. I can do it this year.  I'm so sure of it. I only owe 3500 on Herbie. I don't have any credit cards: just monthly bills and students loans. I will continue to make larger payments on things and get better at saving. We are going to work (together) on our emergency fund this year. After seeing Suze Ormon every year talking about it, I must, we must do it!

5.) Grow my hair out. Okay, so I know this is kinda silly, but ever since I hit the age of 12 my hair doesn't grow. It grows a little shorter than my shoulders; that's it. I want long, luxurious, healthy hair. I've heard that if I take the vitamin Biotin, it will help me out, as well as make my skin and nails healthy. I don't have the money or desire to get hair extensions again.

6.) Go back to school. I have a meas-ly little A.A.S degree in Business Administration. I want to get my Bachelor's, but I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. My work offers 15 free credit hours. I would be dumb to pass that up. Luckily being in the education field has given me benefits in working towards furthering my education. I must figure out what I want to major in ASAP.

7.)  Explore Missouri. I say this with an open mind. At least I'm trying to tell myself that. I've heard from co-workers, friends and neighbors that Missouri does have some fun things to do. They have lots of State Parks to get lost in. I hope Ry and I can start doing weekend getaways once Spring comes.

8.)  Decorate our home. Since we moved to Missouri, we've been able to get the house painted and bought some of the stuff we wanted to make our house a home. We still need to get some new items for the bathrooms, new sheets, new towels, wall art, trinkets, and finish painting the kitchen. I would also like to get new hardware for the cabinets and doors. With the strong addiction to Pinterest that I have, I hope to be able to do a lot of DYI projects. Fingers crossed.

9.)  See the bestie more than once a year. My BFF moved down to Albuquerque, NM when we were 15; two years after meeting each other in middle school. Luckily, through bad break-ups, family drama, back stabbing friends, her marriage and first child, we have remained friends. I got to see her and meet her son back in October. I hope to be able to see her more, now that we live closer for the drive. Or even fly there more. I miss having that great gal pal with me at all times.

10.)  Get closer to family.  I have a great (but small) family. Ry however, has a large family with several great cousins and a wonderful sister.  He also has a pretty cute niece and some handsome nephews. Even though they're not (technically) my niece and nephews, I love those kids like they are. We're going to try and see them once a month. They only live six hours away in the next state, so that shouldn't be too hard. His cousins are the sisters I never had but always wanted. Every time I see them, no matter if its been five months or one day, they make me feel so loved and welcome. I can't wait to get closer with them. I hope as I get older my brother and I have a better relationship. He's 18 months younger and and a 100 years more stubborn. Here's hoping!

11.)  Volunteer. I don't really know what I want to do when it comes to volunteering. There seems to be a lot of need in Missouri for volunteers. I really love books and the library is always looking for people to help bring books to those who can't get to a library location. Or maybe I will get involved with the politics down here and help someone with their campaign. I'm thinking about looking into a mentor-ship program like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. So many people need a little help and I hope to be that person that can help them.


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