sometimes I wonder....

 if Dexter ever feels this way....


it feels good to be a gangsta


48 more to go

Earlier this month I posted a blog about my goal to read 50 books this year. Well I have successfully completed two, so far. 

One I really liked. One I absolutely couldn't stand.  I wish I hadn't picked it up. First we'll start with the good. I read Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me, by Brad Paisley.

 Many of you know I have a severe obsession with country music and books. I figured what better way to kill two birds with one stone. I was not disappointed by the book at all. Brad Paisley writes from his heart. The manner in which he talks in the book is the way I've seen  him act on TV awards shows, interviews and music videos. He seems genuinely thankful for everything he has achieved. Not that he has had a whole lot handed to him. From an early age, he worked very hard at his craft (playing the guitar). He talked about falling in love with his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and how when he first saw her in Father of the Bride, he knew that was the girl he wanted to marry. So CUTE!  

I can't wait to see what happens down the road in his career. I hope he will write another book to share his adventures in life. 

The one I could not stand is called Girls in White Dresses, by Jennifer Close.

 I had seen this book posted on a lot of the blogs. I also had a recommendation for this book from amazon.  Usually they are right on target with the types of books I read, so I gave it a shot. The book is about 20-30 something females growing up together and sharing different events of love, heartbreak, child birth, marriage and other things mixed in. The main thing I didn't enjoy about the book was that each chapter was about a different character. The book also jumped around from high school, to middle school and than back to present day. I felt that it was very hard to follow. I didn't think she did a very good job of building up the main characters. 

 ***** Spoiler alert***** in the end nothing came together as I had imagined it would. I just wanted to know what was going to happen to all the other characters. So disappointing!!

What are you books are you reading? What are some books you suggest I should read to get to my 48? 


The Farm

When we were back in Minny, we spent the holidays with Ry's family, on their family farm. Here are some of the  photos I took.

Dex playing in the hay!

Dexter isn't the biggest fan of cows

Yum! Grass!

Checkin' out the cows


Creepin' on the farm

Dexter running away 


Scrap-bookin' Saturday night

This weekend was pretty low key. I really hate having a mile long to-do list on the weekends. Thankfully, Ry took care of everything during the week.

That meant we had some extra time on our hands this weekend. I was really in the mood to organize stuff. I organized my closet, my photos, and my scrap- booking supplies. While organizing I decide I should do some scrap-booking.

 I asked Ry to sit and talk to me while I was trying to finish a small one I had created.

Well shockingly he started to put some photos on a piece of paper and scrap-book. (Sorry honey I hope they don't take away your man card.) HA!

Even Dex got in on the fun!

The creative juices were flowing with the help of this

Finished product


RIP Picnik

I am so bummed. I just found out that, on April 19, Picnik will no longer be around for my fun photo editing needs. The website says they are going to be working with Google+ now. I will have to wait and see what happens.

They have a great selection of things you can do to your photos. I just love, love, love it! I will no longer be able to do this

or this

or the numerous other projects I have created via Picnik.

What site do you use for your photo editing needs? 


thanks mama!

I feel like I've been blogging with not much enthusiasm lately. I have been kinda down in the dumps about being homesick. Thankfully I have the world's best mama, she knows how to cheer up a girl when she is blue. When I got home last night I had a fun little package from her.

We all know my obsession with nail polish and luckily so does my mama. She sent these beauties:

and this 

which, btw, smells AMAZING!

Thanks mama!


Let's play paintball!

While back in Minny for the holidays, Ry's uncle turned 50! For his birthday celebration, we went to play paintball. SUCH A FUN TIME! If you've never been; you should go! I can't remember the last time I had so much adrenaline running through me.

When hit by the paint ball, it will sting at first.  Thankfully it goes away. 

However, you can still have the bruise for sometime. With that being said, I can't wait to do it again!

Pumped up to play!

Putting on the gear!

Ready to go!

Picking teams

Group Shot

Game faces

Boys excited to play!

When you get hit you put your hands up.

The birthday boy!