Christmas 2012 recap

more Barbie

new Cars slippers~

I'd be excited if I was 4 getting a box of wine. 

my handsome boys

modeling his ugly sweater

silly faces before Church on Christmas eve

Christmas Eve 2012 at Church


the bigger the better

get your minds outta the gutter! I'm talking about family. 

Christmas day we took a family photo, while spending the day with Ryan's family.

full Christmas recap tomorrow!  


Secret Santa Reveal

With all the Holiday madness happening, I forgot to reveal my goods from the. "Secret Santa Swap".  I was super excited to receive this package. What I didn't realize was that everyone was sent someone different.

My package was sent to Abbey, I had so much fun with her package. I sent a puzzle, "The Holiday" dvd, fun slipper socks, EOS lip balm, and some hot chocolate.

My "Secret Santa" was someone I knew IRL.  This pretty girl is Jess, a fellow Minnesota Blogger!

on to the goods!

Dexter received a little stuff lion.  For two days Dexter walked around with the cardboard backing to the lion is his mouth. Every time I went to take the cardboard off he would run away and hide.  

Jess sent this super cute frame.  

The only problem is what photo to put in it. #firstworldproblems

Thank you so very much Jess!  Dexter and I love everything.


Christmas Tag

Katie tagged me in Chrismas Tag.

She asked the following questions

What's your favorite ornament on your Christmas Tree?

I have a lot of favorite ornaments. Last year, I shared some of them. Ry-guy and I started a tradition to get an ornament with the year of every Christmas we've spent together. 

My wonderful BFF and I do an ornament swap each year. She is the best at finding the perfect ornaments. 

I went through a faze last year and wanted nothing but Peace sign ornaments.

Is there a certain food you have to have around Christmas time that comes out?

I don't have a specific food. I do love to eat (beef) summer sausage around this time of year, with some sharp cheddar cheese and crackers. 

Christmas Lights, White or Colored?

Mulit fosho! 

Favorite Christmas Movie?

What do you do the day after Christmas Day?

I normally lounge around most of the day, hit up the stores later (if I do at all), possibly see a movie.   This year I am lucky enough to work at both jobs! woot! I normally take vaccay the week of Christmas- New Year's, however, this year I took time off around Thanksgiving. 

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Swap Reveal

 Revealing my goodies from the Holiday Swap I signed up for.  I was partnered with the super cute Cindy.

two super cute bracelets from Forever 21

Mexican style hot chocolate

chocolate and cute gingerbread ornament. 

 Dexter thinks this toy was sent for him. I won't be adding it to our tree, for fear he will try to get it off the tree and it comes crashing down.  He also felt that the mint chocolate was his. He always seemed to find it, when I hid it from him. 

a very sweet card and cute ring from Forever 21

Thank you so much Cindy! 


winner, winner chicken dinner

Welcome to all you new followers who signed up through the Minnesota bloggers giveaway.  Thanks for stopping by Dexter Morgan's Mama.

and the winner is....

Congrats Val!  



31 years ago....

I was born. And yes, it sucks being born five days Christmas.

Here are a few photos of me through the years

1 year old

3 years old

3 years old

4 years old

5 years old

7 years old

8th grade graduation

10 grade

Snow Daze

16 years old

11 grade