Utter Christmas Chaos

Okay so I might be exaggerating the Chaos part, but it sure felt like it. Saturday night around 10 o'clock I was uber bored. We were just hanging out at the house watching re-runs of 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline, probably not the best thing for me to do before bed. I get scared easily.

So in my usual fashion (of starting a project late at night), I wanted to wrap all the gifts we had.   Ry just wasn't in the mood for this.  As usual he quickly got in the mood and helped my get the wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper.

For some reason Dexter really enjoys being involved with wrapping gifts.

 With four other dogs in the house they all got in the spirit to.

I attempted to take a picture of our tree in the chaos. It looks as if its going to fall over. Lucky that's only happened once so far :)

Merry Christmas!

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