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Finally this past weekend I caught up on most of the shows on our TIVO. Sad to say I did get rid of a couple.  The ones that didn't make the cut

All-American Muslim- I really enjoyed this show, I just have too many shows and not enough time.

Once Upon a Time- I loved this show, the actors in it are great, the story line had me interested, but just not enough. I am trying to spend more time reading, doing projects around the house, arts and crafts, and one less show to watch gives me time for those things.

American Horror Story- I can't believe I did it,eek. This show has been talked about, ranted and raved about and I just deleted it. I might try to pick this one up again, once it hits the DVD, only time will tell.

On to the ones I caught up on.

Dexter- of course I love this show, my son is named after this TV show. I wasn't really sure where the show was headed earlier this season. I wasn't sure about this Doomsday killer thing. In fact, I almost stopped watching earlier because of it. I will share that Edward James Olmost, scares me like no other, full on hebejebes here. EEK. I didn't think Colin Hanks could freak me out as much as he did. annnnnd on to the ENDING.OMG! OMG! OMG! I won't spoil it for you who haven't watched it but WHOOAAA, seriously for reals.

Revenge-Everyone is talking about this show, and for good reason. I love it. I love the idea, I love the cast, the story lines. It keeps you guessing. I love that in a show. I can't wait to see where it goes in the new year. Not gonna lie, I can understand why a girl would want to get back at all those people. They took her dad from her and that cute doggie. For sad!

Pan Am- I love this show for the throwback to the 60's. The clothing, the sets, the boys and the pretty gals that play the stewardess. I like how it has incorporated some historical events into the show, things with JFK and the Cold War. The clothing, I would die for a wardrobe like these gals have, super cute shoes, accessories, handbags, and the bright clothing I LOVE IT ALL! I have heard that it may be cancelled, I sure hope not. I don't really know where they can go with the story, but I hope they find a direction.

Sister Wives- Okay I know, why? I dunno how this show has sucked me in. I think its so odd that they would willingly go into a relationship with a man who is already married. I guess that is the way they do things or are raised... or both. They always say they aren't jealous of each other, and yet in their individual interviews they talk about being jealous of someone spending time with Kody.  Not gonna lie that baby that Kody and Robin had was pretty stinking cute. I can't say I enjoy the name, but to each their own.

I still have Grimm to catch up on. I hope to do that before we head home for Christmas. If you haven't watched that show  DO IT! I really like how they have incorporated The Brothers Grimm and made it present day. I also love that it's directed/and or produced by Joss Whedon, he did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Pretty much worship him.

What are you watching? What are your favorite shows?

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