Dexter and Larry

If you haven't already guessed by now, Dexter is the apple of our eye. He's so spoiled!

He has more toys, treats, and blankets, then you can imagine.

Seeing that its Christmas we had to get him a little something. Since we haven't had too much extra cash to get him something extravagant, we decided to get him a puppy bed and just one toy. He isn't so sure about this bed. He would rather be in ours. Larry seems to like it.

I really have tried to cut back on buying him toys. Every time we went out to the store he got one. Its (somewhat) working.

We also name all of Dexter's toys. Don't ask. we're odd. We know. Thus, Larry the Lion was born.

Here he is:

He's pretty handsome

The really cool thing about Larry is that in each of his paws there is a squeaker, and one big one in his belly. Dexter goes nutso! 

Merry Christmas from Dexter and Larry!

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