Dear Santa,

Saturday after I got done working my first Saturday with the new job R, Dex and I headed over to the only Petsmart in Springfield.  Our goal to get a super duper uber cute picture with Santa and Dexter. I am a bit late on getting my Christmas cards ordered this year and I thought it would be great to have him with Santa on them. Last year we got a really cute photo with Dex and Santa. He was shaking uncontrollably and scared out of his paws but we got it.

This year we went and Santa didn't even look like the real Santa. No Santa hat and a fabulous looking Casio watch. I thought Santa would have had a nicer watch ;)
Without holding you in suspense here is Dexter with Santa:

Because I was so upset with this years picture I wanted to show you his first Santa photo (when he was a pup) and wasn't so scared of Santa.

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